TV Ratings: Wednesday October 14, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS The New Adventures of Old Christine 7.48 2.2/7
NBC Mercy 7.32 2.0/6
FOX So You Think You Can Dance 7.07 2.8/8
ABC Hank 6.24 1.6/5
CW America’s Next Top Model 3.09 1.4/4
8:30PM CBS Gary Unmarried 7.38 2.4/7
ABC The Middle 6.74 2.0/6
9PM CBS Criminal Minds 13.41 3.7/10
ABC Modern Family 9.29 3.6/9
NBC Law & Order: SVU 8.72 2.7/7
FOX Glee 7.54 3.4/9
CW Melrose Place (R) 880,000 0.4/1
9:30PM ABC Cougar Town 7.91 3.2/8
10PM CBS CSI: NY 12.94 3.2/9
NBC The Jay Leno Show 6.16 1.7/5
ABC Eastwick 5.09 1.7/5
  • Nick

    Dear CW: After what?–13 or 14 cycles–isn’t it time to “change up” Top Model a bit more than just giving us girls an inch or two shorter? I’ve been a proponent for years of doing a male cycle. Seeing Tyra and the Jays interact with young hotties….what could be more intriguing than that?

    Seriously, the audience for this repetition has really dwindled, and you can’t afford to lose this signature franchise. Re-energize the show (and the talent involved) with some guys. Question: If you’re a young girl, are you more interested in watching a young girl, or a hot young guy? Case closed.

  • Ace

    Nick — Jump ship and look for the next season of Make Me a Supermodel on Bravo. It is a much better show (they have to do runway and a photoshoot each week and their prizes are go-sees instead of jewelry) and they have guys! Not saying that it is the best reality show or anything, just much better than ANTM.

  • Nick

    I don’t get Bravo. But I just think the dynamics of Tyra–a very strong female personality–and a dozen aspiring young male models would make for a very interesting cycle of ANTM. It would create a firestorm of publicity and bring some fresh eyes back to the show. ANTM is a great “base/format” series, but even the best programs need an occasional change-up.

  • Kelly

    Wow, Melrose Place bringing in less than a million viewers? Those are ABC Family numbers…

  • Kelly

    Oops, I see that MP was a rerun, I redact my previous statement.