Spotlight on SMALLVILLE Star Cassidy Freeman


SMALLVILLE star Cassidy Freeman is used to getting recognized, although it may surprise you to learn just who she is used to getting recognized for.

“In her day my mom looked a lot like Cybill Shepherd,” explained Freeman during an interview this week with the TV Addict. “And when I attended THE L WORD farewell party, a producer came up to me and was like, “Hey Clementine’ and I was like ‘that’s not my name!”

Luckily for Freeman, her days of getting mixed up with Cybill Shepherd’s daughter are long behind her. Especially now that the actress has just begun her sophomore SMALLVILLE season playing morally ambiguous (not to mention fan favorite ) Lex Luthor disciple Tess Mercer.

“It’s nice to come back to work and not be the fish out of water that I felt like the first few weeks last season,” explained the actor. “Now I try to make as much fun as [newcomer] Callum Blue as I can.”

But hopefully not too much fun. As this season Freeman will be spending an awful lot of time with Callum Blue’s Zod, in search of what else: Power, control, you know, just a few of Tess Mercer’s favorite things.

“Tess is pretty power hungry,” explained Freeman of her character’s motivations. “Her relationship with Zod may be flirtatious in the way they interact with each other, but it’s really all about the power. Leave the romance for Lois.”

Which is not to say the actress would object to being swept off her fleet.

“Whether it’s in reality or fiction, who doesn’t want to be romanced? I think it would be fun and also lend itself to showing a softer side of Tess that she doesn’t feel like she can show.”

That said, Freeman (who is signed on to SMALLVILLE through 2011 and is happy to stick around with the series as long as the producers will have her) revealed that she’s only too happy to play with what the writers give her… particularly after spending her previous few years flying from project to project.

“Getting to know the cast and crew, working with the same people week after week for nine months of the year, it’s a real job, different then guest starring, but stable and nice to know who you’re going to work with everyday,” said Freeman, adding, “Plus every-time I walk into my trailer and see this leather couch I can’t believe this is for me!”

Of course, should one particular show come-a-calling, the actress would run faster than a speeding bullet.

“My new love is GLEE, it’s hilarious and if I could pass for a high school student, I would walk my way onto the set.”

SMALLVILLE airs Friday night at 8PM on the CW. Crave more scoop on the new season? Check out friend of the TV Addict Natalie Abrams great interview by clicking here.

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