Blogger Beat Down: Newsweek Wants to Bury DEXTER Six Feet Under!

The subject of this week’s ‘Blogger Beat Down’ is… Newsweek writer Joshua Alston who included DEXTER in its list of “Five Failing TV Shows We Should Take Off the Respirator”

Our Take: Had this article been written last season —where Dexter learning about friendship had us learning about our PVR’s fast-forward capabilities — we’d be in total agreement. Unfortunately for the subject of this week’s ‘Blogger Beat Down,’ (and fortunately for us DEXTER fans) four episodes into the season have found ourselves rekindling our love affair with America’s favorite serial killer. Not only has saddling Dexter in suburbia with Rita, two tweens and a baby revitalized the show’s once trademark brand of dark humour, the lack of sleep facing the show’s titular character as he struggles to balance his job and family with his dark passenger has finally seemed to have caught up with him. Raising the stakes, and bringing with it two key components that have been missing from the show since Dexter took down Doakes in season two: A genuine sense of urgency and fear that Dexter might actually get caught. Plus, John Lithgow is such utter perfection as the creepy-beyond-description, seemingly amoral Trinity Killer that it more than makes up for the fact that his character’s shelf life will most likely expire by season’s end.

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  • I agree and disagree. I actually liked last season a lot because I enjoyed seeing Dexter have someone he could share himself with and then have it all end up the same (effectively making him realize he’d always be alone) but simultaneously having him start a family which is the complete opposite of what someone like him should do.

    This season has had some good moments and I like the dark humour but it has been moving glacially in terms o development. And I’m a bit over Jiminy Cricket, I mean Harry. I think it will pick up now that ***** and *** have been ****. [Commented Edited to Remove Spoilers!]

  • SaneN85

    What?!? Deb and Lundy have been shot?!? Where’s the spoiler alert?

    Just kidding.

  • Josh Emerson

    I haven’t seen the latest episode yet!! That’s just great.

  • Sorry Josh,
    I’ll edit the comment left by Ace. Just assumed folks wouldn’t read it had they not seen the episode last night. But if it helps, it was sort of predictable what was going to happen. Although still awesome. After-all, now it’s PERSONAL!

  • LB

    I definitely don’t agree with Dexter being included in that list (though I find myself agreeing with the other selections…)

    I do think I may have understood its inclusion during season 3 (which was my least favourite, but really not THAT bad), but I have been enjoying season 4 a lot, especially after the most recent episode!