Breaking News: DR. HORRIBLE Sequel Delayed


ABC has picked up Nathan Fillion’s CASTLE for a full 22-episode season!

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  • Amy D

    😮 Was actually not expecting that.
    Yay 🙂 Love this show and double-love Nathan Fillion!
    Nice to see this work out better for him than Firefly and Drive did.

  • I can live with both.

  • Ace

    I”m really glad this show is working out for Nathan. I thought last season the show was just okay and was veering a little too far into Bones territory, but I feel like this season just keeps getting better. They have found their own rythm to keep it from being too similar to other detective shows. It definitely helps that the supporting characters are awesome.

  • SR

    Fantastic! I love this show, and NF is too good of an actor to not be on TV.

  • Abby

    Very happy about this! Doctor Horrible can film during the tv hiatus when Nathan and NPH have time off. 🙂

  • Liz

    Awesome. I love Castle. Just the right balance of mystery and fun.

  • nellnee

    I suppose this also means no Firefly rebirth, either. I’d take a pre-quell at this point, or a River and Simon-centric show with occasional cameos from the Serenity crew …

    It is a bit too procedural at times, don’t really need to pay attention to know what is going on …. but at least the characters have more life to them than anyone at CSI