The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s Duel Road Trip


THE GOOD: On the news that their favorite Chicago Pizza haunt is closing down, Marshall and Ted decide to acquire the joint’s old Frogger Machine re-live their college days (complete with HIMYM’s trademark flashbacks) fuelled solely on Tantrum! (the original Red Bull) by driving twenty-two hours from New York for one last slice. Both funny and relatable (okay, perhaps not that relatable, although I been known to wait for over an hour and a half for a hot dog from Pink’s (overrated!), a burger from New York’s hallowed Shake Shack (totally worth it!) and a succulent original glazed when Krispy Kreme first came to Canada) Ted and Marshall’s excellent adventure was surprisingly enough the highlight of the episode (Lily, not so much, but more on that later.)

THE BAD: As much as I’m sorry (or as us Canucks apparently say it, “sore-ee”) to say this, Robin (and by extension Barney) have become a victim of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s penchant for going to the everything-about-Canada-is-funny-well (or once again, everything-aBOOT-Canada-is-funny-well) one too many times. Seriously. Last night was the proverbial straw that broke the camels Mountie’s back as what was once a funny and original gag sprinkled throughout the occasional episode officially became a lazy go-to device for the writer’s to get a quick laugh. Yes Canada’s money may look like it’s from a board game, and sure we take our hockey a little too seriously — but as Barney was quick to discover thanks to the much-deserved pummelling that was brought down upon him in an accurately re-created Tim Hortons — his crutches and world-class medical care were free! (Three cheers for free health care!)

THE UGLY: What has happened to Lily Aldren? The girl who at one point could drink and eat with the best of them and would never dare encroach on a bro-mantic road trip has turned into an annoying and manipulative wife. What’s worse, she is bringing Marshall down with her.

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  • Ace

    It pains me to say that I completely agree with everything you said. Esp the Lily part. And the thing that makes it even weirder is that she and Marshall were attached at the hip in college too, but clearly she let him go on those roadtrips alone back then. No way would she crash a guy roadtrip now that they are married. “We” married people do tend to get a little caught up in our coupledome, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t branch out and hang out with our friends separately.

    Also, in the US you technically can’t have dual citizenship :-P. You have to renounce your country of origin in order to gain citizenship here. But the funny thing is that a lot of countries (Canada included) don’t recognize the renunciation, so you are technically still a citizen…

  • Marcos

    You nailed it! I agree 100% with your take on last night’s episode.

  • Remy

    I’m in almost agreement. I loved the Ted and Marshall bonding, and the examination of how things have changed. Lily – no. She is not that girl. I do not appreciate this depiction of her, either.

    As for the Canada jokes? They can stay. I loved them last night.

  • Also, the Tim Hortons thing would have been funnier if they weren’t already in New York City now. The joke is a year too late.

  • Josh Emerson

    I love Canada, and I thought the jokes last night were once again hilarious. But I would point out that they also made a couple good jokes about the US. Barney’s “real” American citizenship test was funny and hit on a few American stereotypes.

    I think you’re right about Lily. I’m disappointed with how things have turned out with her and Marshall.

  • Josh Emerson

    You’re right Vance. I live in a small city in the middle of Michigan and we have two Tim Hortons here!

  • Mia

    I agree with your post.
    but at least, this epi was funny compared to last week’s…

  • There wasn’t anything funny in this episode.