Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why We Loved Last Night’s THE BIG BANG THEORY


Wil Wheaton: Because there is nothing this TV Addict enjoys more than an actor who doesn’t take himself too seriously, the actor earned his pips by hilariously skewing his real-life persona and offering up what was clearly a ‘Mirror Universe’ version of Wil Wheaton. (Incidentally, If you know what a pip is and caught our reference to STAR TREK’s mirror universe you are most definitely watching the right show.)

Jim Parsons: Further perpetuating HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s some-what accurate assumption that all Canadians are hockey obsessed, Jim Parson (Sheldon) continues to prove that he is the Wayne Gretzky of THE BIG BANG THEORY. Raising the game of everyone around him, with Raj, for the second week in a row, benefitting greatly from the crazy that is Sheldon.

Wolowitz: Often guilty of treading dangerously close to unfunny and annoying territory, last night’s realization by Wolowitz’s that the only thing he had in common with the brainy blonde bombshell was their resentment of their over-bearing mothers for once had us rooting for who we sometimes mistaken for a real-life albeit far less successful version of FAMILY GUY’s Quagmire.

Leonard: While we have the utmost respect his portrayer actor Johnny Galecki, when it comes to THE BIG BANG THEORY, Leonard has the thankless role of playing the straight man, the ‘Ted’ (HIMYM) or Jerry (SEINFELD) if you will. Which is why we couldn’t help but find it oddly amusing that last night Leonard’s sole mission was to literally move the plot forward, serving as chauffeur to Wolowitz and girlfriend.

Wheeeaatonnnn: Yup, the only thing that was missing from that shocker of an ending that had Wheaton lying about his dead Nana to curry favor with Sheldon and ultimately win the Mystic Warlords of Ka’a strategy game was an iconic “To Be Continued…”

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  • John

    AMEN! This episode was genius, and Jim Parsons could easily use this as his tape to win an Emmy. But he’s not just the Wayne Gretzy of Big Bang Theory, Parsons is the Gretzy of TV. Calling him the funniest part of this show is like calling Tiger Woods the best African-American golfer. It’s true, but that qualifier is unnecessary. And hopefully Wil Wheaton keeps coming back as an on-going nemesis for Sheldon, maybe showing up once or twice a season.

  • For reasons, I really hated the Wil Wheaton storyline. Wheaton playing an alternate, jackass version of himself didn’t work for me.

    The overall episode was funny as usual, but the last scene just didn’t work for me on any level.

  • ggny

    Wheaton needs to recurring as himself last night was hilarious

  • forg

    Yeah Wheaton should be recurring 😀

  • AJ

    I LOVE the idea of wheaton becoming a nemisis for sheldon. every superman needs lex luthor, even if he’s only superman in his own mind. LOLOL