Get Your Gleek On


With t-minus two hours to go until a brand new episode of GLEE, we at thought now would be as good a time as any to spread a little well, glee.

Not to knock this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story on the FOX phenomenon, but we sure as heck wouldn’t have dared risk the wrath of Sue Sylvester by leaving her off the cover. We’re just sayin’
• Adam Lambert and Madonna come out… as GLEEKS!
The LA Times ranks GLEE’s Top 10 performances. Loses points for including New Direction’s arch rival Vocal Adrenaline on the list. Seriously LA Times, whose side are you on?
All your tweets belong to Gleeks!
The NY Post asks: Is there such a thing as too much GLEE?

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  • Haha, the Vocal Adrenaline numbers are just dubbed singers to good dancers. After all, New Direction members are amazing characters, but not a lot of them are good dancers.

    Still, go New Direction, if not for Lea Michele’s sake!