Today’s TV Addict Top 5: CT’s Reasons Why MY ANTONIO May Be the So-Bad-It’s-Good Show of the Decade

The premise itself:
Let’s face it: Who really wants to live in a world where someone who looks like Antonio Sabato Jr. has to go on a dating show to find love?

In perhaps the fakest reality show move of all time, Antonio Sabato Jr.’s ex-wife, Tully, shows up “unexpectedly” to throw her hat in the ring for another shot of love with the hunk she wed (for six months) when they were teens. Better yet, at one point she tracks her ex to the middle of the ocean in order to crash one of his dates.

Tony Says:
One competition for the meathead’s attention involved the girls playing a game of “Tony Says.” For those unable to fathom the complicated concept, one of the bimbettes explained that it was “a Simon Says knock-off.” We almost felt sorry for Antonio as he mugged his way through the ridiculous “challenge”… until we realized just how hard the girls were finding it. Then we just felt sorry for… well, ourselves for watching.

Christi’s Meltdown:
A former Playboy poser, Christi Shakes (we kid you not) made a spectacle of herself by turning into what another contestant correctly called “a sloppy drunk” over dinner and then, while struggling to take off her microphone, strips off her tube top. By the time another girl tried calming Christi down by dubbing her a “classy lady”, we were laughing so hard, we thought we’d pass out before Tipsy McTipler.

Antonio’s mom:
From the moment she made an entrance worthy of DYNASTY’s Alexis, complete with an oversized hat, Yvonne played a crucial role in the ridiculous drama surrounding her son’s search for love, even convincing one of the contestants to spy on former daughter-in-law Tully.

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  • Tim

    This show sucked. lol But I kept watching it online to see how the heck it would play out. lol I thought this show was by far just a guilt ridden pleasure. Those ‘girls’ and I use the term ‘loosely’ were horrible. Antonio’s mom gives new meaning to ‘over protective.’ lol Yes, it’s bad. So bad it’s good. lol I watch it online at See for yourself!