Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions for Shonda Rhimes


Hey, we love Sarah Drew as much as the next EVERWOOD Addict, but after casting her in PRIVATE PRACTICE, INSIDE THE BOX (which for those not in the know was Rhimes ABC pilot that wasn’t picked up this season) and now GREY’S ANATOMY, we can’t help but wonder, where your infatuation stems from?

Do you think it was fair to loyal fans of GREY’S ANATOMY that you dropped a fairly large bombshell about Bailey’s personal life during last week’s crossover episode of PRIVATE PRACTICE?! With a difference of around four million viewers, that’s a whole lot of GREY’S ANATOMY fans who just missed out on the fact that Bailey’s husband Tucker was ’emotionally’ cheating on her.

Where is Del?

Whose not-so-bright idea was it to name Seattle Grace’s merging hospital after NBC’s freshman medical drama MERCY?

And speaking of mergers (a story-line which by the way we’re loving!) (a) Does it disappoint you as much as it does us that all the suspense was removed from which doctor was getting the axe thanks to the the public way in which Katherine Heigl likes to deal with her off-screen issues. And (b) If Heigl is so enamoured with leaving the show that put her on the map for a shot at big screen stardom, would you ever consider not bringing her back and replacing her with one of the hundreds of Seattle Grace Docs who are so desperately trying to keep their job (both on screen and off!)

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  • Jamie

    There has ALWAY been a Mercy West on Grey’s Anatomy. It is/was the hospital across town from Seattle Grace. The name “Mercy” West for Grey’s was thought up of way before NBC stole it for their own show.

  • Thanks for the clarification Jamie, although I would still argue that having my flagship medical show merge with a hospital that shares the same name as a show on a competing network is a bad idea. Viewers get confused easily!

  • nctodc

    6. When will the lesbian relationship on your show be treated in the same way that Cristina and Owen or Meredith and Derek are?

  • marc

    Izzie’s firing was spoiled not by katie but by media spoliers on other sites that get enjoyment for doing that.

  • Jamie

    I agree theTVaddict, it is confusing for viewers. I guess the only saving grace in it, is the show’s titles are completely different, but having hospitals names bleed into each other like that wasn’t too smart any way you look at it huh? Maybe NBC wants a little bit of those ABC/Grey’s ratings and fans to follow over to Mercy:)

  • Angela

    Exactly, Marc. How does every article seem to turn into an opportunity to bash KH? She has said nothing for months! Just leave the chick alone! She’s still there, and she’s coming back after she films her movie. Give it a rest, Heigl haters!

  • Linda

    The merger is a storyline you’re loving??? Pretty sure you’re alone on that one!

  • Mia

    yup! not a fan of the merger and I’ve been a crazy Greys lover from day one. I have a weird vibe about this season.
    they better show some love with the original cast!

  • cc

    well, it would be weird if they all of a sudden came up with a new hospital for the merger. mercy west has been mentioned way back and that’s the only other hospital in seattle (in the grey’s world) that we’ve known about, so why come up with an all new one? that wouldn’t be realistic. if there’s anyone who should take blame on steling the others name, it’s nbc:s mercy. greys was first.

  • Josh Emerson

    Yeah, I can’t see any reason for your complaint about Mercy West. That is old school Grey’s, it has been around since very early on. It would make no sense to suddenly change the name because of some low rated NBC show.

    I like Katherine Heigl and would not be happy to see her leave permanently.

  • Abby

    Yup, I agree that it would have been weird for them to have suddenly invented some other hospital for the merger when there’s always been the rivalry with Mercy West. And I think this time Heigl’s off the show to shoot a movie but also because she just adopted a baby. Can’t blame her there. But seriously, where IS Del?

  • Liam

    Question 5 is ridiculous – Heigl had nothing to do with breaking the story about which doctor was getting the axe. She has not said a single word about it – that story was broken by the media and spoiler sites. Also you must be very short sighted not to realize that ABC wants to keep Heigl at all costs. She is their biggest name (like it or not). As their biggest star and they are trying to accommodate the fact she is in big demand for movies by giving her a break from the show. This works well for both parties. Also what is the “shot at big screen stardom”, she already has it. She is the worlds 5th highest paid female MOVIE star – her last 3 movies have taken over $1/2 billion worldwide in box office receipts. Noone else currently on TV has that kind of reach worldwide. She is huge for ABC and they know it.

  • arual

    Not everybody loves the merging storyline. I know quite a few people who HATE the new residents/niterns.

  • Amy

    When Will Meredith Grey get her Meredith centric story line this season, arc story that will take us back into her world, maybe her mothers diaries, or her past, something deep into her relationships and mind?

    We miss dark and twisty Meredith but very impressed with her growth and strenght. she is the center that is holding all of them now.

  • Amy

    I’m glad there are KH fans here because I really like her as an actress. Izzie and Alex are the reason I still watch Greys Anatomy. If they go, I would go. And say whatever you will about Heigl’s ‘antics’ she is a really great actress. (I’m not saying that as a way to put down the other actors, at all). She’s making movies, I’m glad that ABC/TPTB are working around her in order to keep her on the show. She’s valuable. She’s needed IMO.

  • Dan

    Why are we neglecting Meredith and MerDer. Please let us know if there is some big story coming up for Meredith, she truly shines in those, like the prisoner arc from last season. but something more Centric about Meredith, to get to know her even more. we miss her. A LOT.

  • Dan

    Most people are hating the merger, or wish to keep the action but not the new characters. We want more in depth and Centric stories about our own characters, like Meredith Centric atories, Cristina Centric, Alex Centric and so on… so keep those characters coming in and out to keep things moving but not permenant.

  • Annie

    What we would really like is growth in Mark and
    lexis’s relationships.

    Also, I LOVE Sarah Drew. Too bad she gets fired

  • Randy t

    Would love a story into Merediths dark past. something to make her dip back into her dark and twisty well and see how she manages it and deals with it. I want a Meredith strong arc story. that will bring the fans back for sure..

    Ellen Pompeo always hits them out of the park.. She needs a strong story after her break. A really strong Meredith presence is needed to revive it all.

  • Eduardo

    I think that Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, Alex and George are the base of the show. George’s gone, ok. We are trying accept that. Now, take out Izzie too? No way! The show would lose your purpose. Would be sad!

    Anyway, i really like Heigl. She’s a great actress. And her talent is huge! That’s why she’s doing another things. She gives strength to the show! Izzie is Izzie and without her, Grey’s isn’t Grey’s! George is enough!!

    Sorry about the english, I’m brazilian!

  • Danielle

    1. You are the only person who is enjoying the merger story line.

    2. Katie Heigl is a HUGE star of this show. I’m glad ABC is giving her the chance to invest in her carrer both in cinema and tv. Every actor wants to be better and to explore other areas, you shouldn’t judge her for that.

  • The merger was inevitable. The show is in it’s sixth season–there are only so many story lines that can be done with original cast members. They needed to add a twist for the sake of drama. I’m not 100% happy with it, but Shonda knows what she’s doing.

    I agree with other comments about the whole Mercy West thing. Mercy West has been Seattle Grace’s rival hospital since season 1. It would be ridiculous to name the hospital anything else. I say, Grey’s had the name first.

    I’m a Heigl fan. I think she is a wonderfully talented actress, and I’d hate to see her leave Grey’s permanently. I know it may happen eventually, but she’s probably my favorite on the show.

    I’m not looking forward to seeing who gets axed tonight. I don’t want to see anyone go!

  • Cyn

    I am pretty sure we are SUPPOSED to hate the new characters from Mercy West aren’t we? As for current storylines, the thing I have the biggest problem with is Izzie’s. And before anyone starts yelling at me I am NOT bashing Kathryn Heigl. I like her a lot actually. I just don’t like her character. I am tired of seeing Izzie have emotional breakdown after breakdown. Enough already. Meredith was always “damaged goods” too but she seems to have grown and progressed but Izzie? It’s always like 2 steps forward 27 back as far as I am concerned.

  • Gem

    I’m another one loving the merger. And I know a lot of people hate the new characters – you’re supposed to! Shonda’s said that herself. We’ll see some humanity from them in the next few eps, we only met them last episode! Also another one loving Katie Heigl. Yeah she says some stupid stuff in the press sometimes (e.g. ’18 hour workday’ which is admittedly a very long day, but she is not alone in that, and I’m pretty sure that Ellen Pompeo pre-pregnancy pulled longer shifts) but she’s an incredibly talented actress and brings a lot to Grey’s.

    Also, can someone remind me who Del is? I haven’t the foggiest…

  • mimi

    question 5 is ridiculous. KH is great, wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    Need more Meredith. Please bring her back front and center.

    she held the show together. Now shes back.. with her leading the Seatle Grace kids, this show will rock again, without loosing anyone from the regulars.

    She can kick A S S with her new found strength and leader qualities, they all listen to her and turn to her when in trouble. We need her everywhere now to make Seatle Grace rise again.

  • Ace

    Count me as one who is HATING the merger storyline. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’ve had a lot of friends and family members who have lost jobs or taken huge pay cuts because of the economy. I really don’t need to be reminded of it when I am relaxing and watching TV in the evening. If they wanted to bring in new characters they could have just as easily brought in new interns.

    Cyn — was the 27 steps back line a nod to Heigl’s 27 Dresses.

  • Ace

    And, oh, I don’t know, a cardio surgeon who would actually STAY.

  • Michelle

    Why didn’t a cardio surgeon come in with the merger? If they are pretending that Seattle only has 2 hospitals, and that’s why they had to merge with a hospital of the same name as a series on a competing network, wouldn’t there be a cardio surgeon? As far as the merger goes, I think they should have merged with another hospital, keeping Mercy West as a nemesis. Even in the pretend world of GA, isn’t Seattle a big city?

    On Katherine Heigl… We own a couple KH movie DVDs. We purchased them because she was on GA. We don’t watch GA because she is a movie star. Grey’s came first. I like those movies just fine, but after she got whiny in the press about not having big enough storylines on GA and bashing films she made plenty of money in, I lost respect. And yes, she did spoil the “who’s getting axed” scenario before it aired since she announced to the press she was taking a leave of absence to work on another project. Had she kept her mouth shut until the episode aired, it would have been more of a surprise. Of course, Grey’s will bring her back after she is done with that film. If they didn’t, they’d get more bad press from her talking to the media about how they screwed her over – again.

  • Lisa

    The show nees more Meredith centric seasons. Where is she?

    S3 was split between Cristina (Tremorgate/Wedding) and Gizzie, S4 was, well, bonkers, and S5 was all Izzie. Isn’t Mer the lead? The show was so much better when she had a more important storyline, not just thrown in the background with Derek having 15 seconds of screentime.
    The show has been nothing but boring this season. And please, more Aleeeex!

  • Kate

    Or if Heigl hates the show so much, just bring back Kate Walsh, who deserves a show with more viewers because she is AWESOME!

  • fact

    Michelle – Heigl never whined about not having enough storylines on Grey’s. Not sure where you got that from. She did not submit her name for the Emmys one year because she didnt think her storylines had been strong enough. (Dead deer anyone…she was right by the way). She didnt bash any of her films – that was just again media hysteria. How about the thousands of times she said how much she enjoyed the movies, how much she loved them? Again the press dissects everything she says and makes a headline of it because she is a big name and has a rep for being honest and outspoken. She did not announce her leave of absence either – Michael Ausiello revealed it in Entertainment Weekly.

  • Amber

    Del is the guy who works the front desk and is learning to become a midwife on Private Practice.

    And adding another vote for *Grey’s had the name “Mercy” long before the NBC copycat came up with it AND there was no other hosptial for them to merge with*

    Anyone else just REALLY not liking the Chief much these days? I was kinda hoping he would be ousted, because he’s just been a jerk for quite a while and isn’t doing a very good job (no offense to James Pickens, he’s doing awesome, just not liking what the CHARACTER is doing).

  • Erana

    When will Grey’s Anatomy get good again? This show has definitely deteriorated. I use to absolutely love watching Grey’s.

    Take it back to season two (AMAZING SEASON), there were fantastic cases and all kinds of interesting story-lines. Now it’s all talk and that talk is centered around all the relationships. The only reason why I keep watching is because I’m hoping one day it will get better.

    I also love Addison but please stop making her out as the pathetic whore on Private Practice. Don’t you think she deserves someone who loves her like all the characters on your beloved Grey’s Anatomy?

  • Michelle

    For those asking who Del is, he is a character on Private Practice, which is another Shonda Rhimes show. The title didn’t limit the questions to GA, even though that’s where most of the discussion has been. I like PP just as much as I like GA. I’ll like it better if Noah leaves his wife and ends up with Addison though!

    Del’s character was on the first show or two this season, but is taking some time off from work on the show to focus on his daughter now that he has custody. (again, on the show) He’s not gone totally as far as I can tell.

    Yes, I agree with the person who was surprised that Bailey revealed her husband’s emotional affair on PP instead of GA, but there has to be a reason. I’m sure it is written into episodes to come.

  • I like the merger, and I’m iffy abut KH (love Izzie though).

  • Dii

    -6. When will the lesbian relationship on your show be treated in the same way that Cristina and Owen or Meredith and Derek are?-

    TOTALLY..they havent even kissed this season!!!

    i mean what couple doesnt kiss..and they are a NEW couple

  • PamelaJaye

    regarding the reuse of characters – there have been many actors who have been reused between GA and PP (haven’t seen ITB) one tonight in fact – One of tonight’s PP patients – impatient mommy to be, played Cancer Girl on Grey’s last season.
    Grab any list of guest stars and watch the crossing. I’d bet the only ones you *won’t* see are Dylan Young and Denny Duquette. (and hopefully Ellis and Susan Grey. Have they used Mere Winningham yet? I wouldn’t put it past them, but I really hope they don’t)

  • jules

    totally agree
    need MEREDITH CENTRIC EPISODES NOW and lots of them to sompensate all that has gone. 7 episodes.

    After watching last night, I was ok with it. it was intense, too much going on, a lot of people, It was all a bit too much. I found it ok for one episode. it was different. Good writing, not the best, but good.

    BUT I FELT MEREDITH MISSING so badly. I was glad she will be at home now, maybe we will get different scenes at home next episode. Found it funny and nice how they hid her bump.

    But seriously I think Grey’s Anatomy needs a couple of MEREDITH CENTRIC EPISODES now that Ellen Pompeo is back on set from 608. I need to be over loaded with Meredith scenes now to feel that season 6 is still Grey’s Anatomy not some other show that took the place of my fav. show. Because that’s how it feels now.

    I get the trying of new things, I’m with that. So far it worked for Grey’s because Ellen had to have to her down time. I am soo with that. but now it’s time to compensate.


    Pls Shonda. I beg of you. you need to give us that. I need to WANT to watch this show again.


  • patrick

    yes Mercy West has been talked about since the beginning of grey’s. My guess is that NBC wanted to see if they could confuse viewers into thinking it was a spin off or something. Grey’s has also mentioned a hospital called Seattle Presbyterian before… i’m expecting an NBC show of the same name next season.

  • howie

    these questions are so ridiculous.

  • hickstead

    Count me in as one of the people who hate the MW characters and the merger. Check out the discussion board on the ABC website – there are a LOT of us! Yes yes, I know we are supposed to hate them, but what I hate most about them is that they are taking screen time, storylines and surgeries away from the original cast – the cast we fell in love with and grew to know and care about, the cast that is the reason we keep watching.

    I for one have not missed Izzie at all in the episodes she’s been gone. I found the show too focused on her for too long – it had become Izzie’s Anatomy – so it’s nice to see some other people get some screen time. Loved the Derek-centric show this week, and the MerDer moments it gave!!

    The show needs to go back to focusing on what’s left of the Fab 5 as well as the other main/old characters such as Bailey, Derek, Mark etc. With so many characters to work with already, the writers should be able to come up with enough storylines without adding in more new characters that aren’t even likeable. Personally, I watch a show to see characters I like, not characters I hate, especially when those characters are making life miserable for the characters I love. I watch TV as an escape, not to become stressed out by people fighting and arguing constantly and people losing their jobs. I miss the dynamics of S1, 2 and 3!

    And please please please give Cristina a new cardio god, and start giving her some good surgeries!! All of her talent is being wasted and her character is withering. I’m tired of seeing her get the shaft and drift around aimlessly without a mentor.

    As for the Alex/Izzie/Reed triangle that is being hinted at, please don’t go there. There have been so many Alex/Izzie triangles already, the last thing we need is another one. And when Izzie comes back, don’t have Alex fall at her feet forgiving her. She’s hurt him so many times already. Make her have to fight for him for once. It’s time she started having some consequences for her actions.

    And yes, I think it was wrong to reveal what happened between Bailey and Tucker on Private Practice. Thankfully I watched that episode even though I don’t normally watch PP.