Morning Static: MELROSE PLACE, Hulu, Sarah Shahi & More!

• MELROSE PLACE evicts two, Colin Eggelsfield refuses to leave quietly.
• Life goes on for Sarah Shahi who lands a USA pilot.
• The biggest rip-off? ABC orders extreme weight-loss realty show.
• Hulu popularity to plummet in 2010, when the begin charging for content.

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  • Ace

    If Hulu intends to charge, they better hardcore bump up their quality. Remember the gag during Dr. Horrible at the Emmy’s where it kept pausing for “buffering”. Yeah, making fun of Hulu and other on-line viewing options. Also, most networks still have the content on their own site, so people will just go back to those.

  • Nick

    Yeah, I saw the axe notice last night about Ashlee and Colin. Worst call ever. Fans are pretty irate over on E!, and I can’t blame them. Colin *is* the best-looking guy on the show, and the others are soooo expendable. I could never figure out why the writers weren’t giving Auggie more to do. But then, frankly, no one has much to do, it seems. Violet’s stalker/psycho story is the only thing that’s kept the show watchable, and it (of course) involved Auggie.

    I had high hopes that CW had learned from the 90210 debacle of last year, but they’ve repeated the exact same mistakes with MP. Crazy, wacked-out stories are what viewers expect from MP, not lovey-dovey “realism” like Riley/Jonah. People have not connected with the show, and now you eliminate the two most-interesting characters? Um, yeah…good luck with that, as they say. Final nail in the coffin? It may have just been pounded in by the network itself. What a shame.

  • TVFan

    I feel bad for Colin and I blame Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Her character just brought him down. They should have given him the opportunity to see what his character could have been like without her. Then decide.

  • Nick

    Producers say the show will take on a “lighter, more fun vibe.” Doesn’t that just sound like the suits? Yeah, that’s what MP fans want: lighter fun. NOT. The “lightness” and “lack of interesting storylines” has been the problem from Day 1. They totally, TOTALLY wasted Sydney.

    Oh, and just in case CW needs a history lesson: MP was “lighter” and failing back in the day….until Heather and the wicked/wild/lunatic stories saved it. But yeah. Go ahead and make it “lighter.” You know best, right?

  • Hulu- NO! Don’t do that to us. I love watching all my shows on Hulu. It’s been even better now that ABC added their shows to the site. I can catch up on almost all my favs right there in one place. But if they charge to use the site, I will no longer use it. I won’t pay to view! And assuming networks don’t start doing that on their sites, I’ll just watch them like I did before. Bad move Hulu.

  • SimplyKimberly

    So Hulu wants to charge me to watch Buffering…? I don’t think so.

    And ABC should be ashamed of themselves. Losing extreme amounts of weight in only a year is unhealthy. It takes time and perseverance to take it off the right way.