Watch, PVR, Pass: Friday October 23, 2009


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  • Amy

    Hey what happened? I thought you liked Smallville. Did the Resident Evil thing ruin it for you?

  • ggny

    I was gonna asked the same thing…I think the Smallville season has been pretty good

  • Total oversight guys! Just ran out for dinner but definetely set my PVR to record SMALLVILLE… Even though was not a fan of the zombie episode!

  • Edward

    I want to ask something what u think bout stargate?
    I think there is something thats missing in the show, not that im not liking it (its the only scify that im watching) but the show is name stargate not the ship lost in space, not battlestar (best show ever until the last episodes) or enterprise or any other ship show so us the fracking stargate.
    comments pls

  • ewanspotter

    Edward, I agree. Although, obviously the gate can’t/won’t be utilized all the time, and the present arc of the last four stories has been so interconnected (with little canon time passing between each episode) that there’s just not a lot of use for the gate at the moment. I think — hope — it will have a bigger part to play.

  • Jess

    i was worried about Smallville too. I think this has been the best season so far. I didn’t care to much for this week however.