The TV Addict Podcast: Multiple Endings

This week, Daniel (the TV Addict) and co-host Ariel return after a one week hiatus, offering up their slightly off-kilter take on both subjects TV and non-TV related. As per usual, please don’t hesitate, and by ‘don’t hesitate,’ we of course mean… let us know what you think by leaving us a comment, reviewing us on iTunes and/or sending us an email at or

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  • Amy D

    So happy you got on the Bones bandwagon. I just started watching it this year and am already caught up.
    Absolutely adore that show.

    Although I may be the only person out there who actual kind of likes that Brennan and Booth aren’t together yet.

  • BulletproofMilk

    You guys really shouldn’t take a week off so close to the “Death of a Podcaster” incident. 😉

    On that note, what happened to the podcast’s rss feed? I know you guys like reviews, but PLEASE don’t make use iTunes!

    Btw: I love it when you keep on rambling for quite a while after you decided to end the podcast. It’s just like the end of daylight saving time. You get a little extra. *g*

  • Somehow it’s not on iTunes. 🙁

  • John

    Wow, I swear like a sailor on shore leave, but Ariel’s description of the undercover cop from South Park was definitely not PG. Still, glad the podcast is back, because I’ve been coming back to the site every day hoping for a new one.

    And I agree about Modern Family. I may viscerally enjoy Glee more, but when I think about it, Modern Family is hands down the best and funniest show on TV right now.

  • Just a head up, I fixed the link and now the podcast will appear in iTunes and in the RSS feed.

  • DL

    Daniel, is there a reason why the podcast doesn’t have it’s own feed?

  • DL,

    The podcast feed is located at

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • StarryDreamer

    Re: HIMYM
    I’m Canadian and I have to say the Canadian stuff is the highlight of the show for me. The shout outs are VERY well thought out and someone in the writer’s room MUST be Canadian (Harvey’s Trays? King Clancy? Garborator?) While the US has Tim Horton’s, in Canada it’s a religion. People go to it daily and think of it as a home away from home. I once dated a guy who was responsible for opening new stores in the US and he said that in the US they aren’t nearly as popular and in fact are floundering in some markets. The only people going to the Tim’s in the US are Canadians. LOL I understand what you’re saying about Tim’s being in NY and certainly in the northern parts of America, but the Canadian version is VERY different. Both in taste and “feel” if that makes any sense. It is unlikely that Barney would’ve gone to a Tim Horton’s before as most Americans are inclined toward Dunkin’ Donuts. If Robin had asked for her coffee to be “double double” with two timbits on the side, the joke would’ve been more complete.

    I say bringing on the Canadian jokes. It’s one of the rare instances where Canadians can listen for the insider shoutouts. They are definitely the highlight for myself and my Canadian friends.