Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Our Favorite Shows of the Week


What is with those Whedon’s and their ability to always leave us wanting more. Fresh of the heels of this week’s DOLLHOUSE debacle that has FOX benching the ratings anemic series for November sweeps, comes a harrowing Sierra-centric episode that recounts the terrifying circumstances in which the Aussie beauty found her way to the Rossum Corporation. Both gripping and gut-wrenching, the episode was not only right up their as one of the series’ bests, but showed the few who bothered to watch, just how much potential this show has if given the chance.

Erik Estrada eat your heart out. For what FAMILY’s two “E’s” (Ed O’Neil and Eric Stonestreet) lack in the matinee idol looks department, they more than make up for by delivering the laughs. Yes, five episodes into the freshman series, O’Neill and Stonestreet, alongside the rest of the ridiculously talented cast, continue to raise the bar when it comes to L.P.M. (Laughs per minute). So much so that we’ll forgive showrunners Lloyd and Levitan (Christopher and Steven respectively) for leaving out the obvious ‘Four touchdowns in a single game’ shout-out many MARRIED WITH CHILDREN fans (okay, this TV Addict) was waiting for.

Thursday’s story-telling departure which had the good doctors of Seattle Grace (both new and old) recount the unfortunate circumstances that resulted in the unexpected death of a patient and the firing of a one of their own (Can someone please give Sarah Drew a regular series gig, and STAT!) was not only the best episode of the season, but continued to prove that the merger between Seattle Grace and Mercy West has been the best thing to happen to GREY’S ANATOMY since JOURNEYMAN’s cancellation and Dr. Owen Hunt’s arrival on the scene.

After a rocky start, the gang from Greendale Community College finally seems to have found their rhythm. Thursday’s episode — that had Britta learning about ‘bathroom girl-talk-etiquette’ from Shirley, Annie learning about selflessness from of all people Jeff, and Abed learning that less is more — gave virtually every COMMUNITY member a moment to shine. Plus bonus points for Moby Dean Pelton, who’s quickly becoming our favorite Principal since Mr. Belding.


  • Agree on both counts. I would also add this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, which was superb.

  • Oh, wait, doi, wait for me to read the rest of the top 5. I see you already have Grey’s up there 😛

  • Josh Emerson

    Agreed on MF, Grey’s, and Big Bang. I like Community, but I don’t know. I still don’t love it. I think it has ended up being the weakest part of the NBC Thursday lineup, even behind Parks & Rec (which has been surprisingly strong this season).

    I watched Dollhouse once (not this week) and that was more than enough for me. No thanks.

  • I can’t believe that Dollhouse’ ratings were so low…I love the show in fact I love everything that Joss Whedon creates….people give him credit, lol

  • Ace

    I have to say that I was very close to abandoning the sinking ship that is Dollhouse. It has been such an inconsistent show and with it being back burnered AND up against Ugly Betty, I figured there was no point watching it anymore. With Friday’s episode they have me until Fox desides to pull the show. More Sierra and Victor, less Echo = good show.

  • Linda B.

    I still miss Journeyman, but was very happy last season w/ Dr. Owen Hunt’s arrival at Seattle Grace. But, now that he’s dealing w/ his demons, it’s not as riveting to watch.

  • I almost completely agree with Ace. Dollhouse is always better when it focuses on anyone other than Echo. But, after 1.25 seasons, I’m still not crazy with the overall premise. I guess I’m still just barely curious enough to continue tuning in, but I can’t guarantee I’ll stay till episode 2.13.

  • Liz

    Awesome Dollhouse episode. Sierra is not my favorite, but I like the focus shifted off Echo for once. Dollhouse would certainly be stronger – and possibly more popular as an ensemble show. I love it anyway, but there is always room for improvement.

  • I love Dollhouse. Knowing where they’re going and seeing it unfold is so interesting. I love Topher finally realizing he does have morals and trying to do the right thing and having it backfire so horribly.