Deal of the Day: ANGEL


Deny it all you want, but as our neighbourhood Lowes made it abundantly clear by deciding that October was the appropriate time to deck itself out in holiday cheer (jumping the gun much?) — ’tis the season. And to help you get the most bang for your buck, will periodically be highlighting ridiculously good TV on DVD deals for the TV Addict in your life.

Today’s stocking-stuffer, ANGEL: THE COMPLETE SERIES on DVD for a mere $52.99. That amounts to a whopping 62% off the regular price of $139.98 for this Whedon masterpiece. Click here to check it out.

Thanks to @justjody and @memles for the TIp!

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  • Nick

    I don’t have time to watch DVDs (I’m doing well to keep up with regular TV), but this is such a deal. ANGEL is honestly one of the best TV shows ever, a Top 15 for sure. It was a tragic mistake by The WB in ending the series after only five years, a mistake (along with the loss of Buffy) that many contend brought about the end of the network. Those two shows were *that* special and *that* good.

    Keep us informed of upcoming deals, TVA. I’m still waiting for the Felicity blockbuster, which I fear I would definitely make time for.

  • Whoa, that is epic.

  • ewanspotter

    I miss that show. (And really wish I hadn’t paid full price for it.)