Watch, PVR, Pass: Tuesday October 27, 2009


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  • Twitter-Entertainment2u

    What the…!?

    First of all, TWO HOURS of SYTYCD is a must watch!

    And even though it’s on every year, Charlie Brown is a TiVo alert.
    “I got a rock!”

  • John

    Really? We’re “passing” on “Great Pumpkin”? Shame on you!

  • Lisa

    I think Sons of Anarchy is at least DVR worthy as well. And Charlie Brown! Come on, man, that’s tradition. 😉

  • John

    Anyone know why all the repeats?

  • John,

    Think of it as the calm before the storm, with the ‘storm’ of course being November sweeps.

  • what are the “sweeps” anyhow?

  • I agree. So You Think You Can Dance is actually a decent reality competition show, unlike others.

  • Ace

    CrazyCris — “Sweeps” are done four times a year (November, February, May and July) and are about 3 weeks long. Nelson sends out “journals” to more people than just their normal Nelson families that report their viewing habits each week. The results of those ratings (and of course their demographic) are used by the networks to set the amount they charge for ad space during each of their shows. I was a Communications major, so I know too much about such things :-P.

  • LB

    I have to agree with Lisa – I’ve just caught up with season two of Sons of Anarchy and think it must be at least DVR-worthy!

  • silchas ruin

    SoA is more than DVR worthy, its a must see