Morning Static: TRAUMA, GLEE, COUGAR TOWN & More!

• The TRAUMA continues for NBC, and no, this headline has nothing to do with Jay Leno.
• Aren’t their labour laws against this? The cast of GLEE’s never-ending promotional tour continues.
• “I’ll be there for you,” said Lisa Kudrow to friend Courteney Cox upon agreeing to guest on an upcoming episode of COUGAR TOWN.
• What the V? The Washington Post rains on ABC’s clever promotional parade.
• Hate to say we told you so… but casting Leonard Nimoy in the pivotal role of Dr. William Bell on FRINGE, well, highly illogical!

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  • Ace


    Ahem, with that out of the way. I can’t believe he wants out because he doesn’t find the role “compelling”. Does he watch the scenes that he is not in? I don’t think there is a character more shrouded in mystery on the show. If he didn’t really want the role, he should have told them from the start. I get being a big Trek fan and wanting to work with him, but if he wasn’t willing to sign on to be a recurring character they should have given him a smaller part in one episode and left it at that.

  • Ace,

    It makes me sad to think that the central figure in FRINGE’s entire mythology may now be completely derailed by a poor casting choice.