On the Fly with… FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Star Connie Britton


In anticipation of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS kicking off its fourth season tonight on DirecTV’s 101 Network (NBC is expected to air the series sometime during the first half of 2010), this TV Addict had the pleasure of talking to the real heart of Dillon Texas, actress Connie Britton. Here, in our brief chat that took place over the summer at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Britton, who plays Tami Taylor (also known as one-half of our favorite television couples) talks about the big changes that are in store for the series heading into its penultimate season.

On Tami’s Promotion: When you’re an actor, with great power comes not just great responsibility, but great opportunity. Particularly when your co-star in crime is the incomparable Kyle Chandler. “I loved it! For me as an actor, it was really fun to sort of see Tami in over her head, especially with all her lofty ideals,” explained Britton on her charter’s promotion to Principal of Dillon High last season. “And from a story stand point, it was great for both me and Kyle [Chandler] to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, which really gave us a lot of fun stuff to play.”

On a town divided: When we last left the gang from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, Coach Taylor found himself coaching East Dillon High after getting unceremoniously fired from his cushy job at Dillon. “I really think seeing this town that we love torn into two is going to really resonate with the audience,” predicted Britton. “Everything that we know as normal and familiar we blow to smithereens which provides for some really interesting story… Dealing with a town and school split into two is a big deal.”

On the new student body: If there is one downsize to critical acclaim, it’s that your young and easy-on-the-eyes student body find themselves matriculating and fast! So to fill the void left by Adrianne Palicki who is off filming Red Dawn, Taylor Kitsch and Zach Gilford’s imminent exit, Dillon Texas will welcome a handful of new students. “I think the addition of new students will be a smooth transition because of the story. The beauty of the school redistricting is that it allows for new students to be added in an organic and authentic way,” said Britton. “And although I sure hope we don’t jump the shark, I believe the story-lines are so rich and layered with all the added conflict that it’s going to help us a lot.” Plus, like Scott Porter and Gaius Charles before them, Zach Gilford, Adrianne Palicki and Taylor Kitsch are all taking the time to properly wrap up their story-lines providing fans with some much needed closure.

  • Josh C.

    I’m so excited that I have DirecTV and I can watch the premiere tonight! FNL is my fav drama on tv!!

  • Josh C.

    Very jealous of you and your DirecTV satellite right now.