Today’s TV Addict Top 5: CT’s Reasons To Start Watching EASTWICK

eastwick cast

Sara Rue.
Sure, at first I was annoyed that she isn’t one of the leads, but as second-banana/gal pal Penny, her bubbly personality shines far more than it probably would as one of the witchy women.

Magic is sexy.
Paul Gross. Matt Dallas. Jon Bernthal. Johann Urb. Jack Huston. Hello, Hunkapalooza. And of course, the ladies are well-represented thanks to Jaime Ray Newman, Lindsay Price, Rebecca Romijn, Ashley Benson and the aforementioned Rue.

It’s everything you love.
Take the humour of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, the former set of GILMORE GIRLS, a dash of mystery, a touch of mythology and the romantic entanglements of GREY’S ANATOMY, and you have one tasty concoction… in a bubbling cauldron.

They keep it simple.
Although there is a continuing story bubbling just beneath the surface, this ain’t rocket science. Jumping in late won’t be a problem for most viewers. (And those who have story questions can send them our way, we’ll gladly answer. Anything for the cause!)

To defeat Leno
Do you really want scripted television to vanish from the airwaves? At this point, NBC has given up 1/3 of its primetime sked to Leno’s show — and that’s not even including the hours handed off to reality fare such as THE BIGGEST LOSER. And anyone who takes the “Well, there’s always cable” view hasn’t been paying attention to Bravo, aka home of the “real” HOUSEWIVES.

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  • cam3150

    This is one of the new shows I added to the DVR list just to check out (I love Lindsey Price), figuring I would hate it. But I have found that I really love it now, for all the reasons you listed and more. . It’s one of my favorite new shows and I really hope it makes it. But I have a feeling we need to start the “Save Eastwick” campaign.

  • Ace

    I’m not ashamed to say that I am enjoying this show. Like you said, it isn’t rocket science. But it is fun with a lot of charismatic people and interesting storylines. I get up way too early to stay up until 10, but it is the perfect thing to watch in the afternoon when you get home from work and your brain doesn’t want to think very hard. But when Leno is actually beating you, that isn’t a good sign for your survival.

  • AJ

    I adore Eastwick! Thank you for helping the cause. I really think this show would perform wonderfully if they put it on Sunday nights with DH and Brothers & Sisters. it fits right in with the ABC family of shows. And, let’s be real, the Price-Romijn-Newman trio is FANTABULOUS. Throwing Sara Rue and Matt Dallas on top of that is gold.

  • @cam3150 I believe there already is a Save Eastwick campaign.

  • I watched the first three episodes. It’s as good as “October Road” or “Men in Trees” or “Lipstick Jungle”. It leads nowhere and the only reason to like it is having the same underlying feeling of being misunderstood and underappreciated. It’s like Degrassi for Cougars. And that demo simply isn’t big enough. There are better shows with more interesting plots I watched longer (but in the end still dropped) like “Grey’s”, “Private Practice” or “Brothers & Sisters”

    “Eastwick” will be gone from the airwaves in a couple of weeks so don’t waste your time with it I say.

  • Jess

    I’m absolutely loving Eastwick it’s one of my fave new shows along with Glee it makes for an awesome hump day of TV watching

  • Karen

    This is definitely a guilty pleasure for me. I really enjoy it and the actors look like they are having fun.

    I agree with Sebastian about Lipstick Jungle, I had similar affections for that show too. I’m guessing it will be canceled, but I hope not.

  • There is indeed a super-crazy active “Save Eastwick” campaign, which surprises me. I hadn’t heard it was in any danger of cancelation! Maybe I’m just not seeing the early signs. I’ve enjoyed the show, though I kinda forget to watch it. I wish it had a better timeslot–maybe on Tuesdays when NOTHING’s on.

  • John

    I love it, but here are two big reasons NOT to watch:

    1. It’s Gonna Be Canceled Soon.
    This is the only 10pm show that LOSES to Jay Leno in the ratings, which is pathetic.

    2. The End of Tonight’s Episode.
    I won’t spoil it, but the end of tonight’s episode doesn’t help.

  • I would join the fray if only to destroy the satan that is Leno.

  • Lauren

    Before tonight, I had only ever caught Eastwick in passing but after watching an entire episode, I think I will be adding it to my weekly viewings.

  • emily

    i agree..I HATE LENO!!! why does it have to be on every night??? anyways, SAVE EASTWICK! its so good and i love the relationship between lindsay price and that hot guy johann!!!! SAVE EASTWICK!

  • Haeja Kim

    I love Eastwick and especially Lindsay Price. She is an amazing acress who brings so many emotions to Joanna. There is great chemistry between all girls an Paul Gross is great as usual. Let’s make sure ABC gives this show more time to develope and find it’s audience. They have done little to no promotion and it has still shown signs of life ratings wise. Last weeks episode was the best yet and the ratings we up. This show gets better with each week.

  • Each week, this show gets better and better. And it actually beat Jay Leno last week. Here’s to hoping more people watch, and we get a full season!