FLASHFORWARD’s Sonya Walger Teases Tonight’s Episode


It doesn’t take a cataclysmic event to flash forward to where this TV Addict will be tonight at 8PM. Planted firmly on our couch watching ABC’s FLASHFORWARD: a meticulously paced, mythology-laden series that has quietly emerged as one of our favourite new shows of the fall. And a big reason for that is the subject of our latest interview, Sonya Walger.

Not only does Walger’s Dr. Olivia Benford currently find herself caught in the center of a bizarre love triangle with current husband FBI Agent Mark Benford, and the mysterious Lloyd Simcoe with whom she very intimately shared her flash forward with. She was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about her character’s pivotal role in tonight’s episode.

Last week had your character receiving a very interesting text message alluding to the fact that your husband (played by Shakespeare in Love’s Joseph Fiennes) still has a drinking problem. Are we going to find out tonight who sent Olivia that text message?
Sonya Walger: No, and I still don’t know who sent it.

Is it more of a challenge acting on a show when you really aren’t sure what’s in store for your character?
I really enjoy it. In truth, I thought it would be a much bigger challenge than it turned out to be. But it ends up being really interesting and keeps you very present because it’s all you’ve got to work with.

Tonight’s episode seems to be a rather big one for your character. What can fans expect?
A big confrontation between Olivia, Mark and Lloyd [Simcoe]. But the route that brings you to the confrontation is not an expected one. The collision really is so unexpected and great to watch.

Will Olivia be confronting Mark about the text message she received?
Oh yes. Olivia is not one to keep her mouth shut for very long.

[Editor’s Note: Here’s where we find out just how similar Walger is to her character…] Last week Marc Guggenheim made headlines by exiting FLASHFORWARD. Did the move come as a surprise to you?
The real issue with David [Co-creator/Executive Producer David Goyer] was that in spite of his massive success in film, he had very little experience in television. So Marc was always going to be there to guide David through the early days of setting up a TV show. And now that that’s done, David can manage the show on his own.

Will the change in leadership have any affect on the show’s tone?
Oh no, not at all. Marc was there to guide David. The show is very much David’s baby.

And speaking of babies, your character Penny on LOST named their son Charlie, while your FLASHFORWARD offspring is also named Charlie! Coincidence?
It’s funny you ask that because that was just recently pointed out to me. Honestly, I hadn’t noticed, but knowing David [Goyer], there probably was an inside joke going on, he’s a big LOST fan.

And since you brought it up, is there any chance we’re going to see Penny in LOST’s upcoming final season?
Unfortunately, I have no idea. Odds are you’ll probably find out before I do.

Do you at the very least get scenes with Dominic Monaghan on FLASHFORWARD?
I have now, yes. Benford

  • Ha! She has to be asked at least 5-10 times a day is she’s returning to Lost!

  • Ace

    I”m sure she is asked about LOST a ton too and she better get used to it b/c I’m sure it will continue. Just ask David Boreanaz or SMG.

    Also, I call shenanigans on her answer. Aren’t they pretty far into filming the season at this point? How does she not know yet whether she is returning?

  • BJ

    Did I read that right? Her character is actually named Olivia Benson? Seriously?

  • Nice to know i can rely on readers to point out my somewhat lacking editing skills. Thanks BJ

  • BJ

    I had never seen the show so I was genuinely wondering. ‘Benford’ is still extremely close though. Lazy writers they have.

  • This show is very subpar. It’s really too bad, I was really looking forward to this show when it first debuted.

  • Debsa

    I agree with Robert above.. the show is subpar and nothing in the plot or characterizations has really grabbed me…

  • Subpar, definitely. Did you see that character go to Japan with an [explicitive] drawing that he did in a sketchbook? He went from door to door with this drawing of his ‘dreamgirl’ asking people if anyone was familiar with her face.

    I’ve been a fan of Walger since she was on ‘The Vice’ 10 years ago.