Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Special “Grinds Our Gears” Edition!

The mystery surrounding LOST’s schedule.
This week, our good friends over at decided to get LOST fans all-a-tizzy over whether or not the final season of the show would be forced to take an unscheduled break during the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics. Or as we like to call it, the biggest non-issue ever. Seriously. Putting aside the fact that Fancast’s Matt Webb Mitovich already made clear — that all of this is utter speculation considering ABC has yet to even release a schedule — who cares! Hiatus, no hiatus, ABC already went where no network has gone before by allowing LOSTerminds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to end the show on their terms. Do we really care if it ends one or two weeks later? Especially keeping in mind that the sooner LOST airs, the sooner it ends… forever.

After sitting through the Edward James Olmos direct-to-DVD movie released this week, this TV Addict thinks he’s discovered what NBC/Universal’s ultimate plan was: To FRAK us fans by milking as much money as they can from the franchise with a glorified clip show. Not cool.

The CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM controversy.’s Dean Hudson is entitled to his opinion. Which is why, if he really found Larry David’s ridiculous antics on Sunday’s CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM — that had David’s potent stream of urine inadvertently splash-back on a painting of Jesus Christ — offensive, rather than the absurdist and ridiculous humour that it was, so be it. But what really grinds our gears is Mr. Hudson’s statement to (surprise!) FOX News, in which he blasts the show by arguing that, “If the same thing was done to a symbol of any other religions — Jewish or Muslim — there’d be a huge outcry. It’s simply not a level playing field.” Which begs the question, has Mr. Hudson ever watched CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM? Surely, if he had, he’d have recognized that not only is no subject safe from Larry David (Who earlier this season spent an entire episode strategizing ways in which to dump his Cancer stricken-girlfriend), but the show itself isn’t exactly a glowing advertisement for us Jews.

Media outlets prognosticating show’s fates, TOO SOON!
Yes, we get it. Not every show will survive to the fall (RIP: TRAUMA). But you know what certainly doesn’t help? Media outlets such as TVGuide, The Hollywood Reporter among others taking it upon themselves to cancel shows less than two months into the Fall season! Frankly, articles like this morning’s TVGuide piece which asks “Is Your Favorite Show on the Bubble” or The Live Feed’s “Survival Report” do nothing yet hurt the industry as a whole by continuing to perpetuate the already far too accepted stereotype that Network TV as we know it is doomed. Sure shows like THE FORGOTTEN, DOLLHOUSE and FRINGE aren’t exactly doing great, but by continuing to hammer that fact home, media outlets are really doing nothing but hurt shows further. After-all, who really wants to tune into EASTWICK after TVGuide has all but cancelled it on their website. Or to put it in terms the media industry might appreciate a little more, does The Hollywood Reporter really want to play the ‘which print magazine won’t be around this time next year’ game? Didn’t think so.

‘Nuff Said.

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  • Nick

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for #4. Truer words were never written. It seems the print media (and online outlets) are like frenzied sharks. They just can’t wait for a show to be cancelled. WHY IS THIS??? As you stated, their constant harping on low ratings does nothing but further damage the TV industry. I’ve posted comments like this on several guilty sites. They are killing TV—is that what they want? For what? A stupid news story?

    What I’d really like to say to those writers, is shut the (blankety-blank) up. Their doomsday prognosticating and all-out glee over a show’s “supposed” failings makes me want to use language that I don’t use.

    So many of these “experts” are out of touch with ratings, demos, DVR numbers, remote viewings,….factors which networks are now forced to factor in. It’s not all about Nielsen overnights, anymore, and these publications show their ignorance by perpetuating outdated thinking.

  • Ace

    I agree, Nick. They need to just wait until we get word from the Network. The one that really bothered me on the TV Guide post was Fringe. Sure it has lost numbers, but you can’t tell me that FOX didn’t KNOW that it would lose numbers when they moved it into the single busiest hour on TV. The only show that they could replace it with that would stand a chance to do better against Grey’s, CSI, The Office/30 Rock, AND Supernatural is AI and no one wants that.

    I think the break for LOST would annoy me a little bit. Once LOST starts again it is already going to be agony to wait one week between episodes let alone a month. If they want to avoid the Olympics, I wish they would just wait to show ALL of them then.

    And being mad at Larry David for being offensive in 2009 is pretty much equivalent to Microsoft not realizing that they probably didn’t want their brand name attached to Family Guy. If you didn’t figure it out years ago, you haven’t been paying attention. Also, if you have ever seen Curb, you know that most of the time that he is making fun of someone else he is just being self-depricating.

  • TVFan

    Love all of your points today. Even though I’m not sure another cheap shot at Leno was really necessary. It’s not his fault as much as NBC’s as the Sons of Anarchy creator so astutely pointed out on his blog this week: