Watch, PVR, Pass: Thursday October 29, 2009


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  • Linda B.

    My youngest has obedience class, so when i get home I’ll be watching GA.

    DVRing – FlashForward, Survivor, The Office, 30 Rock, PP, and Supernatural. Will play catchup tomorrow night – or at least will try! 🙂

  • Dave

    How come no mention of It’s Alway Sunny? I’d have to say besides The office and Modern Family it has to be one of the funniest shows on tv. Not even a DVR???

  • Go Thursday night!

  • Edward

    Why are u dvr Supernatural? they need to be watched and exchanging it for GA come on (i leave that wagon at isis cancer or something like that)

    Hey someone that doesnt like Lost any feedback in flashforward would be nice thx

  • Josh C.

    tonights episode of the vampire diaries has got to be the best yet!

  • Hil

    Second week without Fringe. Grrr. Stupid baseball.

  • Dave

    Flash Forward I think is great. I completely lost interest in lost about the second season. FF I think handles the show a lot differently. They will drop information every episode rather then just create more crazy questions. Sure the information will create questions but thats the fun of the show. Also the show seems to not take itself as serious with some humor mixed in. I think as long as it doesnt get too crazy and still remains entertaining it can be a great show.

  • Nick

    Agree, Vampire Diaries was great, Josh. I liked the flashback to the 1800s eps. a lot, too. Too bad for Kayla, tho. The show is definitely a can’t-miss.