In this era of internet spoilage (Thank-you-very-much-Michael-Ausiello) it’s an increasingly rare treat when this TV Addict finds himself genuinely surprised by a character death. And while we’re the first to admit that thanks to a flurry of pre-episode interviews, this seasoned TV blogger probably should have seen last night’s killer VAMPIRE DIARIES ending coming, serious kudos must go out to actress Kayla Ewell for delivering a character so devilishly fun, we didn’t want to go there. Seriously. Vicki, it was way too soon. But if shows like HEROES have taught us anything, it’s that (a) if you’re going to be the first character to go, you might as well do so when the show’s still the talk of the town (or twitter). And (b) whether it be in ghost form or flashback, we have a feeling that you’ll be back.

The resurgence of PARKS AND RECREATION continued last night with a hilarious Halloween themed instalment that had Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope matching wits with 15-year old teenage hooligan named Greg Pikitis. Not only did Pikitis — or as we’re calling him, the most diabolical teenaged vandal since the heydays of one Bart Simpson — provide for an eerily perfect foil for Knope, his shenanigans managed to give hilarious co-stars Louis CK and Chris Pratt some much deserved time in the spotlight. So much so that we’re really hoping this little trick-or-treat-battle-of-wits becomes a PARKS AND RECREATION annual tradition.

Putting aside the fact that this TV Addict is fairly confident I’m the only person in North America who didn’t know who Jeff Dunham was until last night, nobody does road trips like 30 ROCK. Be it a plane trip with hallucinogenic Oprah, Liz’s High School reunion or last night’s talent search that had Liz and Jack travelling to Kenneth’s home-town of ‘Small Town USA,’ last night’s 30 ROCK was a barrel of laughs. With bonus points for an always hilarious Jenna spoiling five season of LOST mythology mere months before all will be revealed, “You know, I met J.J. Abrams once. And I don’t know what this means, but he said the island is just Hurley’s dream.”

And speaking of LOST, if it’s wrong to be this excited for a fifteen second trailer featuring absolutely no new footage, I don’t want to be right.

  • TVFan

    1. Already counting down to 2010 for Lost.
    2. I heart Amy Poehler.
    3. Last night’s VD was amazing, Alan Ball watch your back.

  • By far, last nite’s Vampire Diaries was the best ep yet. Too soon for Vickie to bit the stake, but, great performances from all, especially Damon.

  • Ace

    I saw that commercial last night during FF and I got all excited and at the end said to my husband “umm, there was nothing new in that.” What a let down :-P.

    I haven’t watched TVD yet, but I had a feeling she wouldn’t last long.

  • Cheif Brody

    Ace…Hate to burst you & your hubby’s bubble…But Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (Lost’s co-creator, writers, show runners) have forbid ABC’s promo and marketing teams from using ANY new footage from Season 6 in ANY of the the TV promos for Season 6.

    Their plan is for you to not see one second of any NEW Lost until it premieres mid-January. So, be prepared for the ‘let down’ to continue for any new Lost tidbits to chew on for quite a while.

    After teasing us for answers for 5 long years, Damon & Carlton don’t want anything spoiled in a silly promo just to get you excited for Season 6. And, it’s possible, that one little slip up by the ABC marketing team cutting those promos may reveal something SO huge, that it might make watching next season a moot point.

    I applaud them for taking a stand against letting too much out about next season. I’ve waited 5 years for the long story arcs and mythology to wrap up on Lost…I certainly can wait 2 more months.

    Just a heads up!

  • Josh Emerson

    I didn’t recognize Jeff Dunham either. Hilarious episode though.

  • Ace

    Cheif — I totally get that and agree it makes sense. I just got excited and then there was nothing to back up the excitement. Now I know I can just fast forward past those commercials. haha. And at least we don’t have Jack yelling “We have to go BAAAAACK!” Like the premieres for last season.