Good News: The TV Addict and Harrison Ford have something in common. Bad News: Turns out, we both watch BROTHERS & SISTERS alone. [Source]

Good News: America Ferrera doesn’t care about UGLY BETTY’s ratings. Bad News: We have a feeling ABC doesn’t feel the same way. [Source]

Good News: According to reports NBC has asked HEROES to think about the final chapter. Bad News: Only three seasons too late. [Source]

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  • Heroes needs to seriously work towards an end date, just like Lost decided three seasons into the show. Anything heavily plot-driven needs that. This is great news.

  • Sheindie

    Actually, NBC has refuted the rumour started by Airlock Alpha and has NOT asked Heroes to ‘think about the final chapter’ .. ratings are now on the upswing (live + 7) with positive buzz regarding Season 4, Volume 5 =)

  • Lily

    I don’t think folks taking to the internet to publicly criticise Heroes has helped critics look at the show unbiasedly. There are worse out there (Oh come on, like 90210 is BETTER?) and Heroes brings in a key demographic (18-49) in both live viewings and DVR/Hulu’d viewings. Heroes, unlike LOST, is formulated like a comic book – with different volumes carrying complete story arcs – LOST isn’t set up that way and that is why they NEEDED to complete the arc with a definite timeline. My point through all of this? Give Heroes a break and keep it on the air. Believe me when I say that Heroes fans will not back down easily!!!!

  • Synch

    As I told the guy you’re getting your info from, you REALLY need to check your sources. Not only was he dead wrong, but he had to post an update that amounted to a retraction.

    NBC has flatly denied any such discussion.

  • Even so, being a Heroes fan I would love to see the plots actually work towards something worthwhile. If this is not a fact, it should be.

  • V2Blast

    I don’t want to see them working towards one single ending. Each volume carries its own little arc, and this works particularly well when they bring in the new groups/factions, each with their own ends (rather than trying to just pit the “good guys” against the “bad guys” – this way, they have their own goals, not all of which are conflicting, but they do disagree on how to get there).