Last Minute Halloween Costumes for TV Addicts

As many of my fellow TV Addicts can attest, keeping up with our favorite shows of late seems more-and-more like a full time job. Which is why, in the spirit of the season, this TV Addict thought we’d once again lend a hand by offering up some brilliant quick-and-easy ideas for last minute Halloween costumes. You know, on the off chance you’re not nearly as resourceful as our fellow-CHUCK-obsessed TV blogger Rae.


Step 1: Procure a lettuce leaf (Single banana or carrot will also do)
Step 2:: Throughout the day, eat only what you grapped in ‘Step 1.’
Result: And Congratulations, you’re a contestant on AMERICA’s NEXT TOP MODEL. (Also works if you were going for DAMAGES cast member Rose Byrne)


Step 1: Grab a piece of cardboard and a Sharpie
Step 2: Write down the following: “Will Act for Food”
Result: And Presto! You’re now a member of the cast of NBC’s defunct TRAUMA. (Or, if you happen to have blonde hair, Chad Michael Murray)

halloween costume

Last Minute Halloween Costumes for TV Addicts

Last Minute Halloween Costumes for TV Addicts

Be sure to check back throughout the day for more ‘great’ ideas!

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  • TVFan


  • Ace

    I wonder how many lazy people are going to be “Bookface” now?

  • “Bookface” was genius!

  • Alison

    I wrote Bookface on my friend’s face in school!