Oh Say Can You GLEE!

With ‘New Directions’ warming the bench until November 11 thanks to the World Series, leave it to those sly marketing gurus at FOX (whose mantra of late seems to be Don’t Stop Believin’ Promotin’) to keep GLEE on the brain by flying the gang from McKinley High to Philadelphia for Game 3 to perform last night’s national anthem. ‘Good Vibrations,’ watch your back!

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  • Glad they chose to let the one cast member sing who’s able to perform without voice distortion.

    Yeah I know – that’s an unfair comment, I know it doesn’t happen THAT often but when you hear performances like this you wonder why it’s even necessary in the first place to do touch-up work.

  • Ace

    Jack Donaghy would be so proud of the synergy. The video just makes me wonder why they feel the need to studio produce all of the songs they sing. Clearly they don’t need a sound board to sound great!

  • Twitter-Entertainment2u

    you know, the big rumor was that eddie vedder was going to cross the street from the spectrum to sing the national anthem. he is a huge baseball (cubbies) fan. but alas, he stayed where he was meant to be. giving it his all as pearl jam closed philadelphia’s spectrum after 42 yrs.

  • Josh C.

    great performance last night! Too bad the Phillies lost 🙁

  • I don’t think it’s to heighten their voices, but to heighten the quality of the song. Yes, a lot of people use voice distortion to hide weaknesses, but often they do this as a creative choice.

  • showtime

    Ummm… Cory Monteith was Canadian the last time I checked

  • My friend called me when it was on but I missed it. I think the production is for the number not because the actors can’t sing. Plus, if you had to sing the same thing over and over during takes they’d ruin their voices.