Good News, Bad News: SOUTHLAND, ALLY MCBEAL, Joss Whedon & More!

Good News: According to a Nielsen report, DVR owners aren’t killing television. Bad News: They are though giving new meaning to the term couch potato, with the Atlantic pointing out that “many people’s laziness outweighs their hatred for ads.” [Source]

Good News: TNT has given SOUTHLAND a new home by agreeing to broadcast all thirteen episodes starting January 12, 2010. Bad News: TNT has not agreed to produce any new episodes. [Source]

Good News: The cast of ALLY MCBEAL reunited on this morning’s GOOD MORNING AMERICA. Bad News: Gil Bellows hairline didn’t get the memo. [Video]

Good News: Joss Whedon has offered to purchase the rights to the TERMINATOR franchise (Which according to the Financial Times will be put up for auction this month) Bad News: Whedon is probably being facetious, but hey, who not judge for yourself by clicking here. [Source]

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  • Why they have a reunion?

  • plinstrot

    Ahh, Josh. My favorite Whedon brother. Even better than Jett and Zach.

  • Ace

    Robert — Probably to promote the DVDs that were finally released a little while ago. People may have called me Ally McBeal when I got into law school…