A Sneak Peek at Next Week’s GLEE-ful Return


Thanks to the seemingly never-ending World Series, tonight has FOX once again benching GLEE in lieu of some match nobody outside of New York or Philadelphia care about. Thus, in an effort to raise your levels of well, glee, this TV Addict thought we’d take the opportunity to fill our fellow Gleeks in on a little secret: When the continuing adventures of McKinley High does return next Wednesday November 11, it does so in a big way by delivering what is hands down the best episode to date. And not just because Kurt and Rachel are pitted in a head-to-head diva-off that may-or-may not defy gravity.

Rather, the show improves upon the one, possibly only thing that it has been severely lacking by delivering genuine and more importantly plausible character development. While at the same time firmly shining the spotlight on the one member of New Directions who until now has been left quietly waiting in the wings. And considering the episode is titled “Wheels,” you probably can guess whom we’re talking about.

Yes, in an episode centered around raising money for a wheelchair accessible bus so that Artie may accompany the club to sectionals, Artie not only gets his own very memorable song and dance number (“Dancing with Myself”), but his plight serves as the catalyst for a whole slew of fantastic surprises.

Quinn will get a first-hand look at how how her baby Daddy Finn and wanna-be-daddy Puck deal with earning money. Sue Sylvester, the coach we love to hate will be forced by Principal Figgins to open up Cheerio’s tryouts to the entire school which will culminating in a scene that we guarantee will have you in tears (although probably not for the reasons you might think). And best of all, we learn that Mr. Schuester’s wife Terri isn’t the only one hiding a big-time secret.

Add to that, another appearance by our nominee for television’s father-of-the-year Burt Hummel (Kurt’s Dad) and the welcome absence of the dead-weight that are soon-to-be newlyweds Emma and Coach Tanaka and we guarantee that November 11 will defy even the biggest Gleek’s lofty expectations.

• Why is Kurt smiling?

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  • Very excited for Glee to come back.

  • Alicia

    So very excited, but is it even possible it can compare to the last episode that was oh so deliciously mohawk centric?

  • Alicia.
    It mows the lawn with last week’s deliciously mohawk centric episode! Guaranteed, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll re watch it immediately after.

  • Javi

    When you mention the member of New Directions… are you talking about Jonathan Groff? T

  • BizarroP

    Tina also hasnt had an episode based around her. I love this show though. Second best new comedy- first being Modern Family of course

  • TVFan

    Spot on! When is Tina getting her episode! That said, cannot wait for “Wheels,” and have enjoyed Artie’s rendition of “Dancing with Myself” over and over again since I bought the Glee Cd yesterday.

  • Meg

    I do not like the fact that Glee is cancled because of baseball. They should play Glee then just play the baseball game later. Glee should come first.

  • LB

    I’ve been going through major Glee withdrawal, I can’t wait for it to return, and glad that Artie is finally getting an episode, too.

  • Josh C.

    between 17 and 19 million people is alot more than the cities of Philadelphia and NYC.

  • Well NYC has about 10-15 million so not really.

    But I digress. Can’t wait for Glee. Not only is next Wed new Glee but it’s a desperately needed holiday so I’m super excited.

  • blueberry

    Go Yankees!

  • Josh C.

    sorry shanna check your facts nyc tops out around 8 million people.

  • Josh C.

    I’m sorry for your loss 🙁

  • get your glee fix here…http://www.squidoo.com/gleelove =)

  • Emma

    I feel like Tina is the only one who hasn’t even had any semblance of a solo since the first episode. And she was amazing! I’d rather see a Tina based episode than an Artie one.
    I like Emma (and not just because she shares my name…heh) but I don’t like Tanaka. I’m glad that Glee is taking a break from their “relationship”.
    I’m so excited for this episode!!

  • Cynthia

    I love watching Glee and I am glad that is is coming back on soon.

    Emma and Tanaka should not get married, they are not ment for each other.

    Quinn should not be telling Finn he is the father, she is going to regret it.

  • Kelsey

    Can’t wait for Glee to come back cause I was really disappointed when i figured out Glee was cancelled because of the World Series

  • Andres

    November 11th can’t come fast enogh!! It seems like ages since the last episode!! LOOOOOVE this Show!!

  • Evelyn

    ummm way to ruin it for people.
    i wait all week for wednesday and now you have taken the sparkle out of my life.

  • Shawn M Lang

    Didn’t we miss TWO weeks of Glee due to the Spankees? Will they just extend the season or what?

  • grace

    exelent! this will be the best episode yet!!

    finally archie gets a part! ftw!

  • TK

    I love watching Glee every week. Tina is one of my favorites but I love Kurt. There is just way too much to love in this show.

  • Dave O

    GLEE should get a Tina-centric episode. What are the producers waiting for? I like Emma, but wish she wasn’t such a puppy dog for Mr. Shuester. show has gotten darker as the season has progresses. Wish it returned to be closer to the pilot.

  • Elphaba

    I am honestly worried. I heard a clip of the song on YouTube, and they don’t sound too bad, but hundreds–and I mean *hundreds*–of WICKED fans are going to kill them (meaning moi) if they preform the song incorrectly or poorly. Seriously.

  • ImAgLeEk

    Okay…I liked everything minus calling Emma a deadweight!!! I mean Ken is a deadweight and there will be no wedding….I mean seriously its a joke…Everyone knows that Will and Emma are meant to be together…Ken and Terri will hit the pavement paving the way for the relationship between Will and Emma to blossom!!! We all know that the poo will hit the fan with Terri’s secret and Ken will walk away because he knows she will NEVER love him!!!!

  • Jessica N

    OMG I cant wait… I have been so angry with the World Series taking away my GLEE. I will be so happy to have it back as part of my weekly rountine! This episode looks especially juicy! YEAH!!!! 🙂

  • BizarroP

    why are people saying it was “cancelled” for the world series… way to use a word incorrectly

  • lovegLee

    totally agree w/ ImAgLeEk — how are Emma and Tanaka deadweights?! Their relationship is, but as characters, they’re completely fulfilling.

  • Deanna

    Evelyn…tiitle says sneak peak…so u shouldn’t be so diissapoiinted when iit was ur idiocy that led u to read the artiicle…need ii say more??? Annnyways….can’t waiit for gleeeee ^_^ iim so tiired at heariing my dad yell at the tv over a sport that iinvolves hiittiing balls… ^_^

  • Sabrina

    FINALLY!!!!!! I Love Glee! Sounds like its going to be a good episode! Cant Wait!

  • Leah

    I seriously hated baseball before it took over my Wednesday night obsession with Glee, and now I hate it even more. Can’t wait for next week!

  • GleekGeek

    I am -so- excited that Glee will finally be back on the air after so many shows have suffered thanks to the World Series. Come on, FOX! This is painful – I’m in serious withdrawal.

    Totally agree with everyone about Tina needing an episode, and am veeery excited to have an Artie-centric episode as well. Second to Morrison, he’s got the best male voice on the show, so it’ll be great to see him featured.

    The only thing I disagree with is Emma being a dead weight! That pained me to read – I absolutely adore her. Ken I could do without – he can stay in the field. But there is something deeply wrong with you if you can’t appreciate the doe-eyed Jayma Mays. It’s perfection <3

    Woo, six more days left!

  • gLeeK 4realz

    me and my friends were freaking out when it didn’t come on! and we are dying for it to come back!
    and this article made me get really pumped for it!!! yay!
    the defying gravity song sounded really cool on the cd… so im hoping the performance will live up to it!
    *sigh* glee is like the best new comedy of the year!!!

  • Kristina

    Yes!, can not wait till Glee comes back:

    We Get Artie!
    Kurt and his father!

  • Kristina

    Emma: I don’t know if someone answered you but Tina actually did get a chance to sing when Will gave her the lead in Tonight from West Side Story. I think people don’t remember it because it was in the “Preggers” episode and it was very Kurt centric. But I agree, they should spotlight every character not just Finn/Rachel/Quinn/Puck etc. Hopefully “Wheels” will be the beginning of more episodes with emphasis on the background Gleeks.

  • Jen

    I think Tina has had her fair share of the limelight.she had the solo “bust your windows” and a big part of that same episode was centred round her liking Kurt.she also sung the main part of “hate on me”. Definitely love the idea of Artie getting his storyline 🙂 I LOVE GLEE and the soundtrack is awesome for those of u gleeks that don’t have it…GET IT!!!can’t wait till next week!!

  • GleekGeek

    Actually, Jen, I think you’re mistaking Tina with Mercedes. MERCEDES had “Bust Your Windows” and “Hate On Me.” There might’ve been another one… but yeah, she was the one to like Kurt, too. Tina’s been in the background, and was GOING to have a solo until Rachel got all “THAT IS MY SOLO.” on Schue, haha.

    So yeees, we need more Tina. I really like her, if only she wouldn’t be shoved in the background so much.

  • Mashup

    It would have been a most excellent idea if glee producers did a couple of webcast shows sort of alternate glee universe while the world series was on then those of us needing to get our glee on could do so without the pennant people being upset. Come on fox you can do better

  • I am so looking forward to the face-off between Kurt and Rachel in Defying Gravity and Artie’s own dance number!! I bought their new CD and I have been listening to the songs all day long now. Love Glee!!

  • Rachael A.

    Okay, I’ll admit. I’ve got to be the biggest Gleek ever. But I have to say, as much as my family loves baseball, the world series has been ruining my life. I’m in show choir, honor choir, local theatre, you name it. But lately, not much has been going on, and I just went to urgent care to find out I have a cyst. So I’ve been immobile, so to speak. I can’t waitttt for Glee next week! =]


  • An international Glee fan

    Yay Glee!

    I’m not happy about this ‘world series’ thing taking Glee off the air… how is it the ‘world’ series if there is only ONE country involved? Answer me that!