TV Ratings: Tuesday November 3, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS NCIS 19.04 4.0/11
ABC V 13.76 4.9/13
NBC The Biggest Loser 8.40 3.0/8
FOX So You Think You Can Dance 6.36 2.4/7
CW 90210 2.19 1.1/3
9PM CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 15.53 3.6/9
ABC Dancing with the Stars Results 14.10 3.1/8
NBC The Biggest Loser 9.30 3.6/9
FOX So You Think You Can Dance 5.95 2.5/6
CW Melrose Place 1.59 0.8/2
10PM CBS The Good Wife 12.04 2.6/8
ABC The Forgotten 6.94 1.8/5
NBC The Jay Leno Show 5.64 1.9/6
  • Glad to see V did well. I just hope it stays that way.

  • Nick

    Is CW trying to kill Melrose Place *completely* before Heather Locklear arrives? Who allowed that script to make it past the chalkboard last night? I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Dudes, you’ve got one hellaciously-boring show on your hands, thanks to the bland nonsense of Jonah and Riley and cranky med/ho Lauren and stupid art thief David.

    The only 3 watchable stars are Colin, Ashlee and Katie….and you’ve pink-slipped two of them.

    I’m a CW fan, saying they’d better get it together real quick with this show or you can forget it. And a happy tone won’t get it done, either. No one is watching MP for a happy time.

    What do we remember from the original? Marcia Cross flipping her wig and blowing up the place. What do I remember from last night? Jonah nearly in tears because he (shriek!) momentarily put his lips on another girl. See the diff?

  • BizarroP

    I hate CBS- really I do… who really watches this dreck???

  • I don’t get it either, BizarroP. I won’t say it’s dreck because I don’t watch. So, who knows; maybe it’s actually good. But, I never hear anything about half the shows on CBS that pull in crazy numbers.

    I mean, 2 NCIS’s and The Good Wife… Do you ever see these shows get hype in magazines or blogs? Do you ever overhear people at work talking about these shows? Do these kinds of shows ever get a lot of nominations during award season? And yet, these obscure CBS shows pull in double digits every week???

    Meanwhile, well-written, hype-worthy shows from the other networks — well, ABC & Fox, anyway — are doing photoshoots for magazines, interviews for blogs, selling their soundtracks on iTunes, and just generally cranking out good programming, and they’re lucky to get half the audience — or just stay on air at all.

    I don’t get it.

  • Dave

    Let’s call it……CBS conspiracy. *Cue X-files music*

  • forg

    Give CBS a break. I don’t typically watch their procedurals but I get why they are highly rated

    The CBS shows appeals to the regular TV viewer that watched shows on actual TV on real time not online or DVR. Yes, the audience is mostly older skewing . And one thing sometimes media hype does not really tell a show’s popularity, it’s a product of good P.R

    Anyway, V increased to 14 mil and 5.2 18-49 in the final ratings AMAZING! I hope they could sustain that

  • It should be illegal to make spin offs. Or at the very least illegal to put the spin off right after the original thereby creating at least a 2 HOUR BLACK HOLE of television. NCIS’s monopoly on Tuesday nights makes me want to spork myself in the eyes.

    I do like the Good Wife though.

    CBS’s shows are puffcandy that caters to the layman’s inactive brains.
    The Mentalist, 2 and 1/2 Men, NCIS, NCIS: LA, CSI et al, Ghost Whisperer, Medium. Good god. Its only saviors are The Big Bang Theory and How I met your Mother.

    in respect to struggling well written shows like Dollhouse, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Chuck, etc it frustrates to no end.

  • bizarrop

    yea i guess ill give Big Bang Theory & How I met your mother the benefit of the doubt, even though their on the devil’s station… but even as funny as I heard they are and witnessed in 1 or 2 episodes, I am at the point in my life where I HATE LAUGH TRACKS… so i’m glad the format is still around, since its a giant t.v. staple but its soooo not for me.