Watch, PVR, Pass: Wednesday November 4, 2009


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  • BizarroP

    Modern Family is the best new comedy! Excellent cast… top-notch writing and as per ABC- typically perfect production values… Cougartown is good too but as much as I kiss the hand that is ABC (which occasionally slaps me), I will NOT watch Hank or The Middle… Hank looks bad and I am pretty much anti-Patricia Heaton at this point in my life. Heard its doin pretty well though so…

  • Josh Emerson

    The Middle is actually a really good show. I checked it out the first week and haven’t stopped watching. Obviously it isn’t as good as Modern Family or Cougar Town but it is worth watching.

  • TVFan

    Agree with Josh. Even though it’s no Modern Family, The Middle is fun stuff. Patricia Heaton is a riot, as are the kooky kids.

  • Definitely going to watch Modern Family.

  • Dave

    Honestly I think Modern Family has become the highlight of my week. I love that show.

  • I don’t get WHY so many people like modern family. It’s not “modern”, it’s rather boring, honestly. Ed O’Neil was great in Married, but he’s not going to keep this new show from tanking.