Morning Static: NUMB3RS, V, 2013 & More!

• Bad math, CBS subtracts episodes from NUMB3RS season order.
• Good math, courtesy of iTunes who is offering up Tuesday’s season premiere of V as a free download.
• Basic math, 2012 + TV = 2013
• Happy math, Simon Cowell donates $160,000 to cancer-striken girl.

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  • Ace

    Also basic math: 2012 + TV = Jericho minus all of the elements that made the show interesting.

  • Kreso

    Uhm, it’s not free, it’s $1,99.

  • Kreso,
    Sorry about that. I could have sworn it was free at some point. Perhaps wishful thinking.

  • The NUMB3RS news is sad but makes sense. I usually love the show and can’t wait for new eps but the past two Fridays eps are languishing on my DVR and the ones before that I “watched” while cleaning. Not a good season so far.

  • Ace

    TVa — It was definitely free last night when I looked b/c it wasn’t up on Hulu yet. ABC must have decided that they were happy with the ratings they got and didn’t need to give the episode away for free anymore… Seems like it would always be good to give away a pilot though (at least for a week). Why not try to hook more people?

  • V had solid numbers. Too bad ABC will once again screw a series over with horrible air dates (yes, I know there are many elements, but it seems to be a pattern with this network).

  • I think having V on Tuesdays at 8 is wonderful. It doesn’t conflict with any other shows for me while I struggle just about every other night of the week.