Separated at Birth: Thomas Dekker and David Gallagher


Thanks to our inexplicable need to point out actors who remind us of, well other actors, comes our latest separated at birth: Former TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES star Thomas Dekker and current SMALLVILLE guest star David Gallagher, who will next be seen swooping into Metropolis on November 13 playing one-half of “The Wonder Twins.” Thoughts?

  • Sof

    I agree! They are identical. The brother in the Vampire Diaries look kind of like them too.

  • showtime

    Spot on! I say the next “Separated at Birth” should be Cory Monteith and Chris Klein

  • Kelly

    I was just about to say that the brother in ‘Vampire Diaries’ looks exactly like them also. I thought he was Thomas Dekker for a minute

  • Lol, wow never noticed that. Kinda like…Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman?

  • Jody

    Also, Mark Famiglietti, who was in FlashForward last night as the young soldier looks JUST like Scott Wolf. I had to do a double take when he first appeared.

  • Nick

    These particular pics look similar….but as for either one looking like one of the Vampire bros (I can only suspect Damon?)….I don’t see it at all. Neither guy is even in Ian’s ballpark. The other vamp, Stefan, looks so odd, I don’t see any comparisons to be made.

  • Margaret

    Shut your mouth!! Dekker is sexy – Gallagher is so not.

  • Kristen

    Nick, they mean Elena’s brother, not the vamps. I can see it.