Watch, PVR, Pass: Thursday November 5, 2009


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  • BizarroP

    I cant belive you watch Private Practice

  • Whew, finally Fringe is back.

    And BizarroP, give it a break. TVaddict also watches other awesome shows, so let’s just chuck it to personal preference and leave it alone.

  • BizarroP,

    Believe it! PRIVATE PRACTICE has been on fire since the latter half of last season.

  • jamie

    yay Fringe!

    and PP is solid. mostly because of Violet/Amy Brenneman

  • davy

    how do u watch 3 channels at once? shouldnt all but 1 be dvr

  • davy,
    my cable package (Rogers up here in Canada) provides (for a tidy sum mind you) both east and west coast feeds. So what I can’t PVR at 8PM, I’ll be able to record at 11PM.

  • Ace

    I’m sorry. I still watch it sometime during the weekend when I’m doing something else but PP is HORRIBLE. Is Fringe new tonight? My TV still shows baseball…

  • Alison

    Almost the same except instead of bones and supernatural I’ll be watching the mentalist. Yay for Fringe!

  • Josh C.

    There is just way too much going on tv on thursdays. I wish they would split up the day into thursday part 1 and thursday part 2 hahaha

  • ggny

    Fox is pretty much screwed tonight it still shows baseball on even thou Bones and Fringe are both new tonight…ALOT of people are gonna miss them

  • Edward

    what about the new show the leage

  • DB

    dude, more people should watch Fringe live.

  • Josh C.

    tonights vampire diaries was so good. this show keeps getting better and better!!! Damon is the epitome of evil!