Morning Static: THE MENTALIST, J.J. Abrams, SOUTH PARK & More!

• Dreams do come true, J.J. Abrams to direct NBC’s UNDERCOVERS.
• Must-Read TV, the man at the helm of NBC during its FRIENDS/SEINFELD/ER heyday is penning a memoir.
• GLAAD not happy, with Wednesday’s episode of SOUTH PARK.
• Yet another argument against Jay Leno, THE MENTALIST gets syndicated on TNT for 2.2 to 2.3 million dollars per episode.

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  • Ace

    Syndication was one of the stupidest reasons to give over 5 hours to Leno. Just think how much money Universal/NBC make from the syndication of L&O. You can’t turn on a TV w/out finding at least one L&O repeat on; usually it is on 3 channels at once. Not to mention Friends, Seinfeld, ER.

  • BizarroP

    huh The Mentalist starring Simon Baker’s hair is ALREADY in syndication??? isnt this its second season?! are they just gonna keep repeating the first season over and over???? i hate CBS

  • BizarroP,
    It’s already been SOLD to syndication, but won’t actually air until fall 2012

  • The South Park episode sounds like a good thing. Plus, they also seem to give lots of information about the history of the word. Plus fag is also called a cigarette in England. I get that words have power but that word really has a complicated and long history that’s changed a lot.

  • allie

    The Mentalist is such a great show. Patrick Jane/Simon Baker is so cheeky, his character always makes me smile. I love watching what he gets up to. The other characters are all starting to grow on me also. I hope this show sticks around for many many seasons to come. The latest episode with Jane in prison was very funny. Love it!