WIth the notable exception of another hilarious instalment of 30 ROCK, a not-so-hilarious (save for Kelly Kapoor’s disapproving nod of approval) episode of THE OFFICE and a sadly very-underwhelming instalment of PARKS AND RECREATION this TV Addict is embarrassed to report that I’ve yet again sullied my self-proclaimed title of so-called TV Addict by missing out on most of our favorite Thursday night shows. Which is why, I’m once again passing the buck to all of you — my far smarter and better looking readers — to post away with your thoughts on last night’s instalments of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, SUPERNATURAL, COMMUNITY, PARKS AND RECREATION, THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK, BONES, FRINGE, FLASH FORWARD, GREY’S ANATOMY, PRIVATE PRACTICE, SURVIVOR, CSI and THE MENTALIST.

  • Andrew

    Honestly, how can you mention mediocre-at-best offerings like Parks and Recreation or Community and not give a little love to the funniest show on Thursday night, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

  • Ace

    You left out Fringe :(. Which was a pretty good Broyles centric episode. It was pretty much a stand alone, but gave you a little incite into Broyles. And oh man was the shadow man creepy!

    FF was really good last night; I think it was the best since the premiere. And the ending was heartbreaking. **Spoilers** I was yelling at my TV “NO, not the Famous Jett Jackson!” I really hope they bring him back to Scrubs if he isn’t going to be on FF anymore.

  • Ace,
    Thanks for pointing out that I left out FRINGE. Sadly I’m not the only one who has forgotten it as evidence by the ratings. Thursday is simply too crowded.

    As for IASIP, like SONS OF ANARCHY, it’s one of those shows that I’ll have to catch up on DVD. I know it’s amazing, but there are only so many hours in the day

  • Ace

    Ugh, that’s too bad. It is def. one of my favorites (which is why I make sure to watch it live on Thursdays) and I’ll be really sad if Fox messes with it. Move it back to Tuesday! And move Glee with it. Then put SYTYCD/AI (in the spring) performance shows on Wed and the results show on Thursdays. B/c really, who cares about results shows?

  • Lauren

    Grey’s Anatomy was good last night. I have been watching from the beginning and it seriously went downhill in previous seasons but its being it back! The last few episodes have been thoroughly entertaining and yesterday was no exception.

  • Julia

    Make sure you really watch SONS OF ANARCHY, because this season is GREAT! A lot better then the first one. Seriously, for me it is the best show this season, because all episodes till now have been totally awesome. Not one filler episode! And I know it is easier when you have fewer episodes, but not all cable shows can pull it off.

  • Tim

    Grey’s was good last night with an ep about Arizona. I fell in love with her. lol Vampire Diaries had a guest star vamp who actually made Stefan smile. Who knew? I agree with you TVA, only so many hours in the day. Can’t watch it all. That’s what Netflix/DVD’s are for. I’m loving Friday Night Lights on Netflix right now. I’m in deep of Season 2 byw. Also, am liking Flash Forward, but it’s on my ‘how much longer will I watch’ list.

  • bws

    I only got through the Office, 30 Rock, and FlashForward last night so don’t feel bad TVA. Thursdays are WAY too crowded. FF had a strong episode last night which must mean it’s November, aka SWEEPS!

    Sitting on DVR still from last night is Fringe, Sunny, The League, and Parks & Recreation.

  • Sarah

    Grey’s was great last night. I knew I was liking Arizona more and more but after last night I love her character. The episode was basicaly about her and they did a fantastic job.

    I missed Private Practice last night. I really want to hear what happened on that.

  • jess

    Bones was great last nite. It was a great fun episode. And the OMFG moment of Wendell and Angela was not to be missed.

  • Josh C.

    Grey’s was great last night. Arizona is slowly but surely becoming my favorite character on the show.

    And after last weeks ep of vampire diaries i thought there was no way this week could be as good. Boy was I wrong!! amazing all the way through and the last 10 minutes just blew my mind!

  • BizarroP

    This episode of the Office was light on laughs but huge on uncomfort. I dont think Ive ever disliked Michael as much as this season… and I actually love Michael but wow- dating Pam’s mom was just a nightmare and I STILL dont blame her for overreacting. But! this episode took the cake of just how shallow and selfish he actually is. Usually Steve Carell and the writers are perfectly good and balancing Michael’s stupidity and pity but he there was absolutely no redeemable quality to him this episode… He deserved more than a punch.

  • Flash Forward really stepped up its game last night by already answering (or at least seeming to answer) a major philosophical question about the show’s premise. Without getting spoilery, let’s just say I like the plot advancement but don’t like how they did it (because I never like it when that particular action is portrayed in TV & movies).

    I’ve only watched a handful of The Office episodes in its run, but I’ve seen the last two episodes at my neighbors’ house because it follows Flash Forward which we watch together. I continue to love almost everything about Jim & Pam, and I also like the quirky facial expressions by background characters. But, I get frustrated & annoyed by just about everything Michael & Dwight do, and they’re the two main reasons I could never stand to catch up on this show on DVD or the web.

    I fell asleep halfway through Survivor.

  • BizarroP

    30 rock was hysterical… “Bilarious!” The Winter Olympics plug was hysterical- the CISCO plug, not so much… I’m very happy that Jenna has alot more screen time now than in previous seasons where she would dissapear for episodes… I love Kathy Geiss and her Susan Boyle “impersonation”… good episode in an OK season so far.

  • Campbell

    I agree with everyone who has already said that FF really upped its game last night. It was awesome, **Spoilers** and the end had me practically in tears, even though we’re only on episode 7 I find myself actually becoming attached to the characters, which is impressive for a show so early on.

    Supernatural last night was amazing. And that’s all I have to say about that. It was awesome.

  • Ali

    So yeah Thurs are full, crazy me stayed up late watching everything I had DVR’D I LOVE U-VERSE. The Office was OK, fav part was Creed’s reaction to the paper showing up. Survivor was OK as was CSI (my hubbie spoiled the ending in the first 15 mins) lately too predicitble. 30 Rock was Bilarious, everyone was funny Liz w/ucky pics on camera, the horse mayor. This is a great show. Sunny in Philly was a great one KITTEN MITTONS at Paddy’s Pub!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liz

    Oh my goodness, what a sad night of tv. I was crying like a baby through Grey’s. I watched Flash Forward and cried my eyes out at the end. Beautiful, but hard to watch.

  • AKA

    Private Practice was boring. After the first 5 awesome episodes this one was really disappointing. There were only a few good scenes.

    I enjoyed Pete and Violet scenes, especially the one outside, when they were both laughing. Charlotte was also good and finally they gave some screen time to Audra McDonald. But that’s all. Patients were annoying, personal storylines were boring. And why I have an impression that they are gonna drag Pete and Violet storyline forever? They should either get them together already or break them for good.

    Oh, and there were no scenes of Pete with the baby. What a waste, they are like one of the best scenes on this show right now. He is a great father.

  • Lucy

    Private Practice was the best episode outside the Bailey crossover. Addison inheriting a cat was a masterstroke.
    Addison, Sam and Naomi totally own this show and their scenes last episode cemented the fact.
    And I hope the new doc in the wheelchair sticks around. Good to see a paraplegic actor on a primetime show.