Watch, PVR, Pass: Saturday November 7, 2009

As fans of the higly underrated NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE will tell you, more Wanda Sykes is most definitely change we can believe in.

PVR: SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (11:30PM NBC, Global in Canada)
If only to see how Queen of Country Taylor Swift pulls off the inevitable Kanye gag, or if we’re lucky, surprise Kanye mea culpa cameo.

PASS: Major Network Offerings
NCIS, LAW & ORDER repeats, COPS and College Football. And the networks wonder why nobody’s watching on TV on Saturday nights anymore.

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  • Josh C.

    idk about your pass on the college football prob a personal pref but a good 90% of the country will tune in to watch teams go at it not only on sat night but alllllllllll day

  • Ace

    I don’t care about US college football and I live here, can’t imagine watching it from Canada! I forgot about Taylor hosting SNL, I meant to DVR that…

  • BizarroP

    I really dont find Wanda Sykes funny