Taylor Swift Hosts SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE for the Win!

Forget her multi-platinum selling albums and endless string of sold out tour dates. What separates last night’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE host (and musical guest!) Taylor Swift from the seemingly never ending string of “it” girls and overhyped “next big things” that for better or worse SNL loves to hitch its wagon to, is that the artist formerly known as Joe Jonas’ girlfriend did what so many others have tried and failed so-very-miserably to do: Keep this TV Addict awake until 1AM.

No joke.

From her adorable play-to-her-strengths opening musical monologue (see above video), her spot-on Kate Gosselin and Shakira impersonations or her multitude of characters in between (Our personal favorite, “Crazy Roommate” after the jump), Swift not only demonstrated genuine comic chops and like-ability off the charts — but more importantly — that rare ability (Cut to Neil Patrick Harris’ hosting gig waaaaay back in January) to raise the game of every cast member around her (Kenan Thompson actually made us laugh!)

Just how entertaining was Swift — both fearless and funny we’re even willing to forgive the show’s somewhat sad pandering to Twilight fans with the digital short (see below) that spoofed the inexplicably popular franchise and Executive Producer Lorne Michael’s continued insistence on ruining Weekend Update (Made all the more special thanks to an unexpected Amy Poehler cameo!) with self-proclaimed political “comedian” Nicholas Fehn (Seriously people, what are we missing?)

Joe Jonas, eat your heart out.

  • bws

    Agreed! It was a good episode last night. Weekend update unfortunately hasn’t had a good recurring character in while. I actually ff’d through that Tired Armisen bit. The only side bits I’ve like during WU have been Bill Hader doing James Carville. That kills me every time.

    Also of note… they toned down Kristen Wiig this weekend. After appearing in nearly 90% of the first four episodes. I know she’s an all-star but a little less goes a long way. Kenan Thompson as Whoopi was the best thing he’s done in at least a year. Still, every time I see him, I miss Tracy Morgan even more.

  • trc

    I feel like the only person who thought last night’s episode was mediocre at best. I thought Taylor did a marvelous job as a musical guest, but aside from her cutesy monologue and 12:55am impression of Shakira, she barely got a laugh out of me. She just looked nervous and tense the whole night, and it threw off her timing (see the Lorenzo Macintosh and Penelope Wedding sketches). I have no doubt that she will do a much better job next time she hosts, but it just didn’t work for me this time.

  • Dave

    I agree somewhat. This episode was a lot funner then the last couple episodes have been but for me it didn’t beat the first two episodes which had some of the funniest skits in a long while.

  • Lauren

    I agree too. I was definitely pleasantly surprised. However, I still think the best part of the entire episode was Amy Poehler returning for Really? with Seth and Amy. Made my night!

  • John Mc

    The NPH hosting gig last season has been the best SNL episode in a long time. Don’t forget who the music guest was that night. Maybe it’s just Swift’s presence in the studio that makes that cast great!

  • peetee

    Dang, never seen Taylor Swift in such a charming-glow, I bet Fans love that hilarious clip wherein she dissed the 3 boys whom, she met on the past. Clearly, this was one of the best if not the best SNL show we have for this year. Dang, Mr. Bill Hader should have thought of that a long time ago 😀

  • Manju

    Can’t stop listening her monologue song!! It’s so addicting. Just watching SNL for the second time in my life, it was really great. Loved how she wasn’t afraid to make a fool out of herself!

  • showtime

    she’s going to be the female justin timberlake. she’ll be back…

  • Amanda

    Last night’s show reminded me why I watch SNL in the first place. I really enjoyed Taylor’s ability to interact with the characters. Like Timberlake and Harris, Swift should certainly be back!

  • Linda B.

    Yes, me too. I can’t get that monologue song out of my head! La La, La La La La La…..

  • OMGtaylor swift is sooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!

  • Les W.

    Absolutely one of the best snl shows in a long time.Loved Taylor Swift and her many talents besides singing.It was hilarious.

  • Les W.

    I trhink your out to lunch in your comments.You then have no idea what comedies all about.