Good News: The CW has awarded their highly-anticipated new drama (and personal favorite) LIFE UNEXPECTED with GOSSIP GIRL’s valuable Monday night timeslot starting January 18. Bad News: With a great timeslot comes great [ratings] expectations. [Source]

Good News: In an exclusive interview with Michael Ausiello, J.J. Abrams promises that FOX has been insanely supportive of FRINGE despite the show’s lackluster ratings. Bad News: “Insanely supportive” does not include moving FRINGE out of the most competitive timeslot in television. [Source]

Good News: This just in, ABC has freed up some desperately needed space on our PVR/DVR. Bad News: After confirming their decision to not pick-up EASTWICK for a back-nine, essentially canceling the first-year series. [Source]

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  • Jess

    awww that sucks I love Eastwick 🙁

  • Nooooo! I love Eastwick.

  • damn! Eastwick is my favourite new series this year! 🙁

  • forg

    sorry for the fans, but Eastwick’s cancellation is justified, low ratings and it got beaten by Leno. For what is worth, at least all13 episodes will be produced

  • Ace

    Count me as another that liked Eastwick, but I agree with forg that it was justified.

    So does that mean that Life UnExpected is going to be opposite House, HIMYM and Heroes (well, no one cares about Heroes)? That’s rough.

  • Nick

    I concur, Ace, Monday at 9pm is a rough timeslot. Too many braindead viewers are encamped at CBS or ABC or FOX. Seems like Wednesday would’ve been the least-competitive night to try to launch a new series (with a temporary encore on Fridays, to finally give Smallville a decent lead-out).

    CW needs to have patience with Life Unexpected, as it could very well lead to more “inclusive” family dramas, a la Gilmore Girls, instead of the totally “out-there” GG, MP, etc. Remember, family TV is not dead (only in network execs’ minds), and there are still many homes where risque content isn’t permitted. It’s time to swing the pendulum back to shows like Gilmore and LUX.

  • Tanya

    I’m very disappointed about Eastwick (I like the show a lot), but not surprised. I saw its ratings each week and knew it wouldn’t last. Sadness.

  • Ace

    Nick — I didn’t realize that they were actually giving it GG’s timeslot for a little while. That’s actually good news (well for it, not so much GG), but I feel like 9 pm is less crowded than 8. I actually only watch GG and BBT during the 9 hour.

  • Tim

    I knew Eastwick was in trouble last week. I missed the ep and tried to watch online at and hulu. neither one posted their last offering. NOT a good sign. So I quit last week b/c of that very reason. I could smell cancellation. lol I did like it and enjoy it. Too bad.

  • Nick

    Life Unexpected feels like more of an 8 o’clock show to me. Seems like teens who still have to get up early for school would want to watch it, too.

  • Loli

    Nick: 9 o’clock is ok for Life Unexpected. It’s a family show, but it’s not naive at all. At least it’s not naive a la Gilmore.
    Many people will get surprise with this family show.
    I loved what I saw but I repeit, it’s ok for 9

  • Kelly

    Gossip Girl is TERRIBLE. I used to love it, and now I can’t even watch it. Plus, it gets beaten by OTH every week. That’s got to be embarrassing.

  • I don’t blame them about Eastwick. Saw the pilot and it was…OK. Rehas of every other WB series and Desperate Housewives.

    Hopefully Fringe stays around, I’m worried.

  • Christine

    I wonder if The CW is trying to kill Life Unexpected… already. I mean, sometimes networks air shows to appease creators or people they want to keep working with, don’t they? And then cancel them quickly, like they intended to from the start. What, you think I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist? Maybe. 🙂 But it makes sense to me: put the show on in a timeslot where you expect it to fail, then you can blame the ratings and the showrunner/etc can’t blame you for cancelling it.

    Either that or it’s network stupidity in scheduling, as usual.

    I mean, they should have more modest ambitions for Life Unexpected. You could see their scheduling it on Monday as a sign of faith in the show…or setting it up to fail. Why would they expect a show like this, that’s not flashy or gimmicky or superficial, but is a down-to-earth unpretentious family drama…to be a big ratings draw? It doesn’t seem like the kind of show that would be a big hit. It’s a critical darling and I wish that were good enough for The CW. They could use a little class and critical acclaim to improve their reputation, ’cause they are *not* known for quality television right now… just trash.