If last November’s ROSIE LIVE! was the final nail in the Primetime Variety Show’s coffin, last night’s FAMILY GUY PRESENTS: SETH AND ALEX’s ALMOST LIVE COMEDY SHOW was the funeral.

Starring Seth MacFarlane (FAMILY GUY, AMERICAN DAD, CLEVELAND SHOW) and Alex Borstein (the voice of “Lois”) SETH AND ALEX’s ALMOST LIVE COMEDY featured a mix of musical numbers, sketches and animated interstitials. Almost none of which — with the notable exception of a far-too-brief appearance by Stewie to introduce the trailers for the upcoming Warner Bros. films Sherlock Holmes and Ninja Assasins) was funny.

Offensive for offensive sake, the dynamic duo’s jokes ridiculing the Holocaust (Borstein objected to MacFarlane performing “Edelweiss” from The Sound of Music on the grounds that she is Jewish), Marlee Matlin’s speaking voice (Complete with cameo that went on far too long) and failed screen tests (Bea Arthur auditions for Showgirls), all fell terribly flat. So much so that for the first time ever, this self-proclaimed Apple fanboy now feels the need to publicly applaud Microsoft for showing the good taste to back out of this embarrassment. And there is absolutely nothing funny about that.

  • Josh C.

    that show may not have been funny but lasts night two new episodes of Family Guy were very funny lol

  • Josh C,

    While I enjoyed both episode of FAMILY GUY I can’t help but feel like I’ve heard the Disney Pop Princess is really a robot joke before.

  • Dave

    The show was no where near funny and the too long bit about replacing curse words with shameless(on purpose) plug for the cleveland show just went too long and made the whole show just seem like an excuse for a half hour long advertisement for his three shows and the two movies.

  • Manju

    Agree, this ALMOST LIVE SHOW was a waist of time and they couldn’t save it from being exactly what it was created to be; a simple money maker for the McFarlane franchise of Fox. No spin-off needed for this one.

  • ggny

    The 2 Family Guy last night where great the Almost Live Comedy Show not so much…Peter’s Roadhouse stuff was the funniest thing Family Guy has done in awhile

  • Josh Emerson

    I must be the only one that didn’t hate the special. It wasn’t as good as a regular Family Guy episode, but I found some of it funny. I liked that Marlee Matlin made an appearance. If anything, I would’ve liked to have seen Alex Borstein in more sketches. She was always great on MadTV and I thought maybe they would’ve had Miss Swan make an appearance.

    The first FG of the night was hilarious. The second one I found more meh.

  • Nick

    Wow, I *almost* watched it. Not.

  • Chuckyboy

    It was hilarious and the reviewer is a prude.

  • Duncan

    I couldn’t finish watching this show. So very cringe worthy. Oh look, they said a rude word and another and another. Big deal. The audience seemed to like it though, perhaps they were being paid to watch it. I know American comedy can be bad but this really was barrel scraping at its very worst.

  • Mosiz

    Ahh people who are not funny bitching about an alright show that hit all its marks, the show was fine. Don’t like then don’t watch it.

  • Lee

    I thought the show was funny as hell!!!!!!! Esp. the Mary Matlain rutine. I was on the floor laughing. Seth – Alex KEEP IT GOING!!!!!

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  • Bill King

    I thought the show was quite entertaining. Seth Macfarlane had the charisma and style of Dean Martin and Alex Borstein can hold her own with the likes of Marie Osmond, Cher, and Carol Burnett. The cameo of Marlee Matlin was a bit too long and I did cringe a little during that. But Saturday Night Live did that to me for whole seasons at a time. As for the Bea Arthur segment I think Ms. Arthur would have appreciated the comedy for what it was. Unfortunately as a pilot for a new variety show even one lull can make or break it and the Matlin segment probably is what will keep this off the air. Although I kinda hope they get a second chance at this.