Today’s TV Addict Top 5: TV Tidbits Gleaned From Twitter This Week

Photo Credit: @ninadobrev

Nina Dobrev continues to make Canada proud.
Unlike some other DEGRASSI grads who shall remain nameless, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES star Nina Dobrev has not forgotten her roots. As evidence by her tweet over the weekend that had her spending Saturday night with former fictional classmates Paula Brancati (Jane), Charlotte Arnold (Holly J) and Landon Liboiron (Declan) in the Big Apple. Where Dobrev spent the weekend shooting the upcoming cover of Seventeen magazine and the DNG crew were busy with the season finale that we really hope will expect hope will be titled DEGRASSI TAKES MANHATTAN.

Shonda Rhimes hearts Calizona
Shonda Rhimes may be a spoiler-phobe offline, but on twitter she inexplicably is a veritable wealth of information. Last week, aside from clarifying some of your favorite doctor’s living arrangements (Turns out, Mark and Lexie live across the hall from Callie and Christina, anyone else smell a spin-off sitcom!?), Rhimes took time to assuage the fears of those invested in the Callie and Arizona (or Calizona) pairing by revealing that, “I just watched some very cute Callie Arizona kissing in a cut of an upcoming episode…”

MELROSE PLACE is still on the air
Proving we’re not the only ones nervous about the increasingly addictive MELROSE PLACE’s lackluster ratings, comes MP co-executive producer and showrunner Darren Swimmer, who took to the twitterverse to remind fans that, “Amanda arrives on Nov 17, but we’ve got a new episode airing this week too!”

Showrunners have feelings too
As evidence by COMMUNITY creator Dan Harmon’s reaction via twitter to’s less-than-kind recap of the most recent episode: “Dude called my show a bologna sandwich in the sun. F*cked up. I’m naming a character “EW Popwatch” and hitting it with a car.” Or, on a brighter note, MODERN FAMILY co-creator Steve Levitan, who thanks to his much-buzzed about new series not only had “>TOP CHEF MASTERS cater a meal on the set, but has plenty to tweet about, “Hey, this is sure nice to read. Thanks, Matt!” and “Here’s a nice piece from Variety about Modern Family:

The writers of COUGAR TOWN and SCRUBS have waaaaaay too much time on their hands
And Bill Lawrence tweeted proof!

  • Modern Family deserves every bit of praise it gets.

  • Nick

    “…increasingly addictive?” Which MP are you watching? After the last couple episodes, I asked myself: what happened here? What transpired? Why did I watch?

    Amanda’s arrival, honestly, should’ve come 2 to 3 weeks ago. I know Heather has worked miracles before, and I’m hoping for another, but man…way to stack the odds against her, producers. How about some interesting storylines, for a change?