Get To Know Sacred Heart’s Newest Med Students Before They Scrub In

scrubs cast season 9

Don’t have the patients (get it?!) to wait until December 1st for your first look at some of SCRUBS’ newest med students. Enter, with your first look at Sacred Heart’s newest interns med students, including: Impressionable Lucy (Kerry Bishé), former med school drop out Drew (Michael Mosley), and cocky entitled Cole (Dave Franco) in addition to familiar favorites like Chris Turk (Donald Faison), Perry Cox (John C. McGinley), Denise (Eliza Coupe) and some guy named J.D. (Zach Braff), is More photos of which can be seen after the jump.

scrubs cast season 9
Donald Faison is Chris Turk

scrubs cast season 9
Michael Mosley is Drew

scrubs cast season 9
Kerry Bishe is Lucy

scrubs cast season 9
Dave Franco is Cole

scrubs cast season 9
Eliza Coupe is Denise

scrubs cast season 9Zach Braff is J.D.

scrubs cast season 9 John C. McGinley is Perry Cox

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  • Marcos

    JD is finally getting his lab coat?!?! He’s hit the big leagues.

  • Lynn

    Yikes. Another blonde chick? I like Jo, but the show (and I) could use a bit of diversity. Any at all really. All that’s left is Turk? That’s kinda shameful.

  • ggny

    So Denise is going back to med school? or what?

  • Travis

    @ggny Denise is supposed to be some kind of advisor for the new med students.

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  • Ugh, this is depressing…

  • Josh Emerson

    I saw the first promo for this during V last night. I think it might actually not be bad. I’m not saying it’ll compare to early Scrubs or the great last season, but it should be solid.

    I would rather see it added to ABC’s Wednesday lineup though. It could be paired with Cougar Town with Modern Family and The Middle being paired.

  • bws

    I’m torn on this because I loved, loved the finale last year. So I hope this is far enough removed that I can still love the “old” scrubs while appreciating the new scrubs.

    The plan is to pair Scrubs with Better Off Ted, right? Good match. I really like BoT, might be favorite PG TV Comedy. It’s kind of hard to compare it to something like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

  • FYI: There’s a cute quasi-trailer on the Scrubs Facebook FanPage

  • BizarroP

    I really hope this is good but with Donald Faison on board, I dont see how it can be… WHERE IS JUDY REYES????

  • Reese

    Wow. That’s a lot of white people.

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