Is America Running Out of D-List Stars?

Finally, an employment crisis this TV Addict can get behind. Yes, ABC has put the brakes on the upcoming debut of LET’S DANCE, a reality show that was to be hosted by original D-Lister Kathy Griffin and was to feature “Celebrities” re-creating famous dance routines. According to the Live Feed, “Sources say the network had difficulty casting the series.” And while we’re slightly disappointed over the fact that Kathy Griffin — whose penchant for shamelessly plugging her book in between putting celebrities in their place never seems to grow old — will be out of a job. We’re not gonna lie, there is something oddly satisfying with regards to the idea that the American job market for once-famous-has-beens might be drying up. Even if it’s only a teensy little bit.

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  • Manju

    I don’t get it, why are there only C and D-listers doing these reality things. Here in Holland (don’t knock) Let’s Dance was a huge success, mainly because all the A-lister (ok, and some B’s) did it (and weren’t ashamed to make a huge fool out of themselves). But then again, it was done for charity, and I guess that idea just hasn’t popped up to attract real celebs?

  • Josh Emerson

    Only C and D-listers do these shows because they are considered a desperate career move. There’s no sort of motivation to go embarrass yourself on one unless you really need the exposure or money.

    It seems like DWTS should be running out of “stars” at this point.

  • BizarroP

    well i’m almost positive we will be seeing Jon Gosselin & Levi Johnston on the future of DWTS…

  • Josh C.

    While im happy this isnt going through I agree that I’m really sad to not see kathy griffin on tv more 🙁