• Holy Sh*t! Popular Twitterati @shitmydadsays gets his own development deal.
• ABC remembers Christian Slater, picks up THE FORGOTTEN for five more episodes.
• Stargate Smackdown, hell hath no fury like a TV critic scorned.
• Tiffani Thiessen expecting, which means that classic SAVED BY THE BELL episode where Zack and Kelly had to carry around a sack of flour pretending it was a baby is finally about to pay off!
• Will Betty Bounce Back? ABC certainly hopes so with talks heating up to move UGLY BETTY to Wednesdays come January 2010.

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  • Ace

    Hmmm, I figured LOST would fall into Eastwick’s time slot when it ended… Where are they planning to put LOST?

  • Josh Emerson

    My idea would be to put Lost on Tuesdays at 9 following V. Wednesday would be an all-comedy night with Scrubs, The Middle, Modern Family, Cougar Town, and Ugly Betty. Better Off Ted is a flop so they could burn that off at a later date.

    The only problem with that is where to put DWTS. I doubt they’ll put it at 10pm. Unless they put it at 8 and then have V follow Lost at 10.

  • Manju

    Wow, ABC is nice to it’s shows. This is probably the biggest surprise yet, because The Forgotten is watched by nobody who’s anybody online, so I don’t know exactly what demo it’s good for, but if it’s five episodes extra worthy, it must be better then the canceled Pushing Daisies, right? Oh, wait. NO IT’S NOT.

  • Ace

    Josh — I’m not sure if you are saying BoT is a flop b/c of the ratings or you just don’t like it, but I’m really hoping the Tuesdays at 9 slot will be good for it since there isn’t much else on. That show is actually really funny (LOVE Phil and Lem). I wish they had kept Samantha Who? though. Then they could have a solid 3 hour comedy block on Wed. — I would go: Scrubs, The Middle, Modern Family, Better off Ted, Samantha Who?, Cougar Town. THAT would be good comedy at 10, unlike Leno.

  • BizarroP

    Please save Ugly Betty! at least for one more season… I think moving it to Wednesday is not a bad start… I prefer if it came on Sunday’s after Desperate Housewives… I agree with moving Lost to Tueday’s after V…

  • BizarroP
    I think UGLY BETTY would be an excellent fit on Wednesday following ABC’s comedy block

    Josh Emerson
    Agree with you that V/Lost combo would be perfect, and since ABC needs an hour for DWTS, why not have the reality TV show start the night off at 8PM leading into V then LOST

  • BizarroP

    Samantha Who? / CougarTown pairing wouldve been perfect…