• BizarroP

    Sons of Anarchy is a pass??? I heard it was a great show…

  • It’s not so much a pass, as we don’t get FX up here in Canada. Believe you me, if I had access to it, I’d be watching it. Kinda in love with Katey Sagal

  • Josh C.

    kind of in love with her too cant wait for new eps of futurama in the spring!!!

  • Hopefully V continues to be good…I’m nervous.

  • BizarroP

    me too tv addict… big super katey sagal fan here… in fact, I pretty much follow anyone from Married With Children… sadly though, I didnt know she was on Sons of Anarchy until this season already started… I’m gonna netflix the first season after i finish watching Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Damages, The Shield and the Wire…