First Look: CAPRICA Teaser Poster


In what we imagine will do absolute wonders for the Syfy Network, which has recently come under fire as a result of some harsh (albeit deserved) criticism directed at what some have called STARGATE UNIVERSE’s penchant for exploiting its female cast members, comes this eye-popping teaser poster for the network’s upcoming BATTLESTAR GALACTICA prequel CAPRICA. More details of which can be found over on Maureen Ryan’s Watcher site.

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  • Josh C.

    i didnt watch BSG but enjoyed the few eps i did see. i did however love the caprica tv movie and will def be turning in to the series when it premieres

  • Jody

    This poster makes me think she will sparkle in the sun…

  • Nice observation Jody! I do find the poster so reminiscent of something, but I can’t quite pinpoint it. In a way it seems very Summer Glau Terminator-esque, but not really.

  • mike

    What Tv Channel will this be on in Canada? Space?