Watch, PVR, Pass: Thursday November 12, 2009


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  • Whew…finally a day where all my shows are new.

  • bws

    Triple excited for FF tonight after last week’s excellent outing. Keep up the momentum!

  • Ace

    Toooooo many shows on Thursdays! I know we say it every week but it is insane. Also, there is an insane Nor’easter coming through here and if our power goes out I won’t be seeing any of it :(.

  • Ace

    Noooooor’eeeeaster!!! Our cable is out. On a Thursday. This is not acceptable.

  • TVFan

    I heart Thursday nights!

  • Josh C.

    omg vamp diaries was so good tonight. every week i think no way they can do better than last week and every week they deliver with something alot of shows have just forgotten about…….the cliffhanger!

  • Nick

    HUGE shout out to everyone involved in The Vampire Diaries. WHAT A FREAKIN’ EPISODE!! *This* is what TV is all about, folks. STUFF HAPPENS! The viewer is riveted…the mythology—great stuff….the action, the shockers…I’m in total awe that this series is THIS GOOD, this soon!

    Keep it up, CW. I can’t imagine a more compelling show on Thursday nights.

  • Great to hear Nick, but alas, I’m going to have to play catch-up on the weekend, missed everything last night and worse still am two weeks behind on VD!

  • Josh C.

    for shame addict this show is going on all cylinders hahaha