5 Things You Didn’t Know About THE BIG BANG THEORY Star Johnny Galecki


He really likes his co-workers.
Having acted his entire life, actor Johnny Galecki knows a thing or two about faking it. So when it comes to pretending he knows the difference between an Elf and Lich King in the world that is Warcraft… no problem! The ability to solve complex theorems in a single bound… just say the word! Fake a friendship with three nerds and a really hot next-door neighbour… err… easier said than done! Which is partially why Galecki attributes the success of THE BIG BANG THEORY to one of the most integral ingredients to any hit television show: Genuine chemistry. “A priceless part of the show, or anything really — be it office work or whatever — is the people you’re surrounded by,” explained Galecki. “And we, all of us, just happen to be very lucky that we’re surrounded by people we adore. You can’t fake that.”

He trusts the writers.
Just how nervous was Galecki upon discovering that show runners Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre were going to take Leonard and Penny where no couple on THE BIG BANG THEORY has gone before. “Knowing that that kind of romantic dynamic has been done before and done really really well, the scenes between Penny and Leonard were always looked at very carefully and rehearsed the most cautiously and stringently,” revealed the actor. “But the good thing is that Leonard and Penny aren’t together because viewership is dwindling, it’s being done for creative reasons and I trust the writers to handle the relationship with care.”

He knows who Leonard’s constant really is.
Relationships may come and go, but friendship lasts forever. Which is why, fans of television’s most dynamic duo can sleep easy, Galecki doesn’t believe anything can break them up. “At least not for more than a couple of days,” joked Galecki. “I think as much as Leonard and Sheldon drive each other crazy they really do like each other and have kind of become two different sides of the same brain. I think they’d be afraid to function without one another.”

He is a survivor.
Having survived five seasons on ROSEANNE, a set so tumultuous it makes the behind-the-scenes antics of GREY’S ANATOMY look like a walk in the park, Johnny Galecki has seen it all. “I always knew it was something special from day one to my last day. I remember watching the pilot with my family in Chicago long before I had anything to do with the show,” explained Galecki about his career-starting turn on ROSEANNE as Darlene’s on-again-off-again boyfriend David. “It was terribly intimidating to be on that set and that’s kind of what snowballed into that character. Me being the shy little rabbit watching from the corner of the stage because I couldn’t f*cking believe I was there.”

He give others hope.
To all those struggling actors who have yet to strike gold following the cancellation of their once-hit-show. Yes, we’re talking to you cast of FRIENDS and Jason Alexander and to a lesser extent Michael Richards. “Don’t let anyone tell you that lightening doesn’t strike more than once.”

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  • Love the show. They look like they genuinely like what they do and enjoy each other’s company.

  • You can’t fake some things and chemistry between people is one of them. The actors and writers of the show have got it. The writers are amazing and the actors are amazing and the whole show is AMAZING! Can you tell I love it? Yeah, I’m a total geek for it.

  • starry118

    This is definitely one of my faves on TV. It’s been consistently good from day one.

  • I love the show it’s so quirky, funny and the actors are fab! Hope it lasts at least as long as “Friends!”

  • Diane

    Thanks for this . I love Johnny Galecki and I LOVE The Big Bang Theory. He is my favorite part of the show. I don’ think he gets anywhere near as much attention or recogniition for what a great job he does on that show. Just beause he is the most normal of the nerds and doesn’t act all whacked out and weird doesn’t mean he isn’t t fab on the show.