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If you’re anything like this TV Addict, odds are fairly good that you’re already fed up with the media’s love affair with everything TWILIGHT (Also known as the most inexplicably overrated piece of pop culture to hit the entertainment landscape since the Jonas Bros). Which is why, just wanted to take this opportunity to outline our TWILIGHT policy: Simply put, we’ll have none of it. So if you’re looking for Taylor Lautner’s reaction to meeting a mother-daughter-duo with “Team Taylor” panties, an in-depth analysis of Stewart’s ‘New Moon’ red carpet style from last night’s premiere, or a play-by-play of Stephenie Meyer’s appearance on OPRAH, may we suggest checking out Twilight Weekly (our entertainment bible formerly known as Entertainment Weekly) or virtually every other media outlet on the internet.

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  • Shaffii

    Greatly appreciated! I can’t stand all this Twilight madness!
    We get it the movie is coming out. blahblahblah.

  • Ace

    Haven’t you broken your own rule with this post ;-).

  • AlexH

    I’m inclined to agree with Ace. Though I think this form of irony may have been intentional…..

  • Starting now 🙂

  • Manju

    Thank you!!!! If I have to hear how that unhealthy Robert Pattison is good looking one more time, I swear I’ll start dressing like Buffy just to prove a point.

  • Ace


  • Josh Emerson

    Thank you! I never watched Twilight and I’m sick of hearing about it.

  • Ace,

    That’s it. No more HIMYM for you!

  • Haha, all I can say is PREACH.

  • BizarroP

    Rock on TV Addict!

  • Josh C.

    well i hope you wouldnt since this is a site dedicated to tv and its a movie…..and second the books are amazing. the movies are ok at best and the second one looks much better. has anyone that commented negatively even given either the books or movies a chance. and as for EW, it covers the biggest entertainment stories which right now is the opening of what could be the biggest movie in november history so lets all cut them some slack…..haters

  • NancyJ

    Thank you thank you!

    I refuse to even read about them. People magazine articles? I skip right over them. That pasty faced dope and that dour faced girl? Spare me!

  • Mia

    Well, my trend would be to agree with the majority of ppl on this post. However, right now i’m on board with Josh C. Like, it’s your prerrogative and all to choose the posts you”ll publish but I really hate the idea of someone not being ”into” the Twilight Saga just because it’s mainstream.

    It seems some people will hate anything that’s popular, because i don’t know they feel like sell outs or supporting something they think it has no real meaning and whatnot. But hey, if you tried the movie or the book and legitemately didn’t like it…more power to you! But don’t dislike something because it’s on every other site and you’re sick of hearing about it. And I say this honestly, because if we avoided mainstream, I wouldn’t have ever heard anything by U2 or even more recent…watched Glee. But i did, both. Because they were interesting to me, in spite of wether America is in love with it or not.

    And i will be completely honest saying this. I watched the movie like back in July after seeing the trailer for New Moon @ the MTV movie awards, I thought it was better than the trailer for the first one so one of my friends lent me her dvd and I totally loved the story. I’m currently reading the book saga and they ARE good, for me…for some of us (cause really, different colors – different strokes). But It’s really weird how someone might stereotype a whole franchise just because even your cat likes twilight!

    Sorry for the big rant, it’s just been on my mind after reading and hearing similar opinions of people who haven’t tried it, because they will not ”give in”.

    PS: Jo Bros overrated? Come on TVA! lol 3 young talented wholesome boys overrated? No way! Quoting Joy’s mother (from My Name is Earl) : What? Don’t judge!

  • Ace

    Mia — I actually don’t think anyone here was dissing Twilight (which would be completely different elsewhere), we were just saying that the media hype is getting annoying.

  • Alison

    THANK YOU! I’m sixteen and I absolutely despise the Twilight franchise. I just wish EW would follow you.

  • Mia

    Ace – I get you, i know it’s not the content per se but everything that surrounds it. But then again, like I said, for me what’s getting annoying is people saying the hype is overrated and so on. I mean, it will be over soon enough and it’s like this is 2009’s high school musical…(media phenomenon and so on).