Tonight’s TV Addict Must Watch: MODERN FAMILY

Move over Bluths, the Dunphy-Pritchett family is in the house. And with tonight’s hilarious seventh episode, the hit ABC sitcom MODERN FAMILY (9PM ABC and CityTV in Canada) inches that much closer to solidifying its status as the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT heir apparent. Thanks in no small part to tonight’s introduction of the most inappropriate (albeit funny) family crush since George-Michael and Maeby Bluth. And the arrival of two giant movie stars — Edward Norton and Elizabeth Banks — who in the grand tradition of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT agree to tackle a few less than flattering roles. With Norton playing an aging rock-star has-been hired by Claire to surprise Phil and Banks dropping by as Cameron and Mitchell’s party-going friend Sal. (Cameron on Bank’s Sal, “Hanging out with her is like an Amsterdam Saturday night every day of the week.” Adds Mitchell, “Ironically Sal is not allowed back in Amsterdam.” Chimes in Cam “Any day of the week”). Grade: A

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