FRINGE FUN! Just How Good of an OBSERVER Are You?


On tonight’s fantastic installment of FRINGE, a young woman’s abduction will set off a chain of events that will change everything. And at the center of said abduction is everybody’s favorite follicular challenged anti-hero: The Observer. Actually, make that Observers.

Yes, tonight’s episode entitled “August” is the tale FRINGE fanatics have been clamouring for, as executive producers/writers J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner finally peel back the curtain on this mysterious group of men, who as it would turn out, do a helluva lot more simply observe. What exactly do they do (or why they do it), well, we’re not quite at liberty to share those details. But what we can do is help prepare you for tonight’s episode by offering up a little challenge guaranteed to hone your observational skills.

In the above line-up, you may-or-may-not observe that five Observers do not exactly belong. Post away with your guesses in the comments below and check back tomorrow morning for the answers. And trust us, following tonight’s bowler-hat-heavy episode where half the cast looks like they’ve wandered off the set of MAD MEN, you’ll thank us later.

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  • Linda B.

    I found 3 of the 5 that don’t belong. It’s starting to hurt my eyes looking at it, so i’ll try again later. 🙂

  • I found two of them that are odd, well when you look at it like a stereograph image you’ll see it

  • Kimberly

    I found all 5 of them!

  • Hil

    I found them!

  • Brynhildur

    I can find 4… but the 5th?

  • Found all five.

  • I’ve found four so far LOL!
    Thanks for the post!

  • Just a heads up folks, to keep everybody honest and to ensure people actually have to work for this, I’m deleting any answers in your comments!

  • Ace

    Does anyone else remember Highlights magazine? Most child doctors offices had them and they would always have a puzzle like this where you would have to pick out the differences between two pictures. Good, childhood times. And just like in those, the 5th one was the hardest to find!

  • Patty

    fI ound all 5 in 2 minutes…I now know that I bought far too many of those “find what’s different” puzzle books as a kid. Yay for new Fringe tonight!

  • Linda B.

    Just found the last 2!

  • John

    Found All 5.

  • Hil

    I figured people wouldn’t click on the comments until they found them all. Or if they did click on them it is because they were being driven mad and wanted to be told what they were.

  • Rows
    1. Far Right
    2. Far Left
    3. Middle
    4. Next to Far Left
    5. Far Left

  • SpiritSolace

    Found all 5! Can’t wait for tonight!

  • George

    Top row, 5th guy, his ear
    2nd row, 1st guy, tie
    3rd row, middle, hat band
    4th row, 5th guy, coat button
    5th row, 1st guy, brief case

    did I miss anything?

  • Jessica

    From top to bottom, left to right:
    the 5th – his ear.
    the 1st – his tie.
    the 3rd – his hat.
    the 5th – his jacket.
    the 1st – his suitcase.

  • Ryan

    found all 5 in about 2 minutes. Good at this stuff.

  • Josh

    Found all five and if you start at the bottom and work to the top, they are arranged in a pattern… go figure!

  • Martha

    Finally, I found all five. But only by pretending it was a 3-D image.

  • I found 4 and it started killing my eyes. Be back later.

  • I’ll correct that……..Found all five……found the fith one on my way out! lol

  • Martha

    What pattern, Josh?

  • Lola

    btw…those are fedoras, NOT bowlers. Unless they are Observing in Great Britain? found all 5!

  • Kate

    I got ’em… Good fun! Hard on the eyeballs!

  • Melissa

    I found four of the five, but now they are all blurring together

  • I found all five of them!! they were easy to find =) I will be keeping my open to see if these objects have anything to do with tonight’s episode =)

  • mr. poo

    yup there’s 5…i would say what they are but that would spoil the fun…

  • Actually, it’s a stereogram.
    Let your eyes relax, and you will see EVERYTHING.

    Left-click on the image and hit “view image”.

    then, get just far enough away from your monitor that you can relax your eyes but not so far that there’s white space between the “two”.
    Then, you’ll see it all.

  • Bud Says

    From top to bottom, left to right:
    the 5th – his ear.
    the 1st – his tie.
    the 3rd – his hat.
    the 5th – his jacket.
    the 1st – his suitcase.

  • Sydney

    Yay! i found all 5! I can’t wait for the new Fringe tonight <3

  • JaNeal

    i found all five.
    the one in the first row has a white cane
    the second row only has one button instead of two.
    the third has no black strap on his hat.
    the fourth has a gray tie.
    the fifth has a blank ear.

  • Tommy

    Found all five, but it took five minutes!

  • Annie in Vancouver WA

    I found all 5! I love these games! Can’t wait to watch tonights episode!!

  • Melanie

    3rd row, observer in middle – missing stripe on hat
    1st row, observer on far left – missing lines on briefcase
    4th row, observer on far left – grey tie instead of black
    2nd row, last full observer on far right – missing 2nd button on coat
    5th row, observer on far right – missing lines in his ear

    There. 5. Can I be an Observer now??? =)

  • that made brain hurt but wooohooo, i got all 5!

  • Veronika

    I found all 5 🙂

  • KD

    YAY…found all five. 🙂

  • lidge

    got em all.
    ear, tie, hat, button, briefcase.

  • If you can look at it with each eye focused differently so that you can see it in 3D, it’s awesome! ( By the way, I see the observers that are different.)

  • Monica

    Looking for #5:
    1. Plain ear
    2. Plain Briefcase
    3. Gray tie
    4. One button on jacket

    Found him!!! Yea!!
    5. No ribbon on hat

    *So cool do another One or 3* =)