Good News, Bad News: CHUCK, OPRAH, TRAUMA & More!

Good News: NBC has announced that CHUCK will return on January 10th with two back-to-back episodes before moving to its regular Monday at 8PM time-slot on January 11th. Bad News: For Morgan Grimes, whose girlfriend Anna Wu (Julia Ling) was conspicuously left off NBC’s announcement press release and appears to be a victim of NBC’s downsizing. [Ausiello]

Good News: After 25 years, THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW will come to an end on September 9, 2011. Bad News: For many Americans, who will soon be left scratching their head as to what books they should be reading and how to throw an intimate dinner party for eight on a budget. [EW]

Good News: NBC is bringing the lowly-rated TRAUMA back from the dead. Bad News: For the Peacock Network, whose desperate attempt to triage the bleeding that is their primetime lineup speaks volumes about their current woes. [TheLiveFeed]

Good News: Steven Spielberg and Stephen King are joining forces to develop a television event based on King’s just-released supernatural thriller Under the Dome. Bad News: For the writer who is hired with adapting the book for the small screen. Seriously, have you tried lifting the 1000 plus page tome?! [Variety]

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  • Ace

    Poor Anna! So glad that they are bringing Chuck back early. I did a happy dance yesterday when I read that. Still a crappy timeslot since 8 PM Monday is about as bad as 8 PM Thursday, but I’ll take it. I’m not sure how much more of House I can take anyway.

    Networks…Please don’t let Oprah tell you that she is retiring, find a replacement for her and then when the time comes to say goodbye decide that what she really needs is a primetime show on network TV 5 nights a week. Only a crazy person would allow that to happen.

  • Amy D

    Awww no 🙁 I like Anna. But it could be interesting to watch Morgan try to get another girlfriend.

    omg why is NBC so stupid? Do they really think it’s going to do any better the second time around?

  • Amy D,
    Adding to the NBC-bashing, I would like to add that I think it’s a really big mistake for NBC to bring back CHUCK with a two-night 3 episode ‘event’ If you ask me, it’s too much CHUCK too soon and no regular TV viewer is going to jump on board for this.

  • Ace

    Amy D — The article explains NBC’s rationale and it actually *gasp* makes some sense. They figured that they would only have 3 episodes left for the new year, but this way they have 6 and can stretch it out some since they have so little new content to air in 2010. They got themselves into that problem.

    TVA — I agree. When I first saw that it was coming back on a Sunday, I was hoping that meant that they were just going to repeat the epsiode on Monday to give new viewers two chances to catch it. But, alas, no such intellegence. Also stupid…waiting until January 5 to release the Season 2 DVD so those who want to catch up b/f the new season have no chance.

  • TVFan

    Agree with TVA about CHUCK coming back too much too soon, but am happy nonetheless.

  • allie

    I’m so glad there will be at least a few more eps of Trauma. I really like that show. The cast work really well together and I like seeing the character Rabbit evolving. I really hope it starts rating better and gets a full season pickup and renewal.